By twingirl - 14/08/2009 21:57 - United States

Today, my grandma went to get birthday gifts for my twin sister and me. She returned with 2 shirts that read "I see you've met the twins" in big letters across the chest. She gave them to us and said, "Isn't this cute? 'cause you're twins!" I then had to explain to her what the shirt was actually referring to. FML
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Ahh, old people and novelty shirts... that can be a dangerous combination...


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hahaha, i would have big boobies sex with my grandma if that happened...... and if i had boobs.

I wonder what types of places grannie shops at

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YDI for losing your virginity to a hotdog bun.

KittenOnAcid 1

lol! wtf? a hot dog bun?! i see you've tried that out before =]

taoxyeuxmay 4

I clicked YDI after i noticed you wrote "My sister and I" incorrectly, which really bugs me.

It's not actually correct. The test to see is to take out the other person. My grandma went to get my twin sister and i a birthday gift. if you take it out My grandma went to get I a birthay gift. That's not proper, so it should be my sister and me. but still. It's not a YDI, bad grammar doesn't mean you deserve to be fml

lol @ "that's correct". While it's nice to know you are aware of the "___ and I" rule, please do note that you should always check by removing the "___" part. As in you don't say "My mother went to the store with my parrot and I".

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You didn't capitalize 'I' dickface.

Wow who cares? You don't need to have perfect grammar & spelling. Irrelevant unless you're a giant nerd.

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no alexgirl it is actualy ____ and I. I know people with master degrees in English).

man you guys are pretty pathetic to fret over grammar on effin FML

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90 is a troll...this is FML not effin english class

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You are dumb... Ask any English teacher, it is "my twin sister and I"... That is what's called proper grammar, something it seems this generation obviously doesn't care too much about teaching anymore... Where are the smart people in this world? FYL #90

usnwife 18

it depends on the usage. "my twin sister and I went to the store" is correct, but not the way it was used in the FML. take out the other person, use me or I as you normally would, then add the other person back in. it may sound funny some times but it is correct. this is one of my pet peeves, people trying to be "overly correct" and really having no idea what they are doing.

I find the easiest way to figure out whether to use ___ and me or ___ and I is: Us = ____ and me We = _____ and I

@147, Way to make yourself look like the biggest moron ever. It should be "My twin sister and me" because it is the object of the sentence. You only use "My twin sister and I" when it is the subject. The subject here is the grandma. "My grandma went to get I a birthday gift" is grammatically incorrect. I love how people, like you, memorize the "____ and I" rule and think they are proficient in grammar. Don't be a hypocrite.

139- Just because you know people with masters in English doesn't mean that YOU are good at it. Especially because you are wrong.... That's like saying if I know brain surgeons, I should be able to perform brain surgery

im sorry but its my sister and I not me and my sister. ever been to english class?

Ahh.. I get it now. Eh. My grandma would think it was hilarious

missmarley93 1

twins, as in boobs....hahahahaha aww thats funnyy.

Lmao that's funny. I see how she could have thought that.

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Ahh, old people and novelty shirts... that can be a dangerous combination...

And your life is ****** because.....? It's cute your grandma thought it would be nice. Don't wear the shirt if you don't want to. Problem solved. Moving on to the next crappy FML

wow #7, you must be retarded. this site is for FUNNY STORIES, and definitely fml worthy

Nope not retarded. I don't think it's funny, but hey you are entitled to your own opinion. That's what the comment section is for. To share your views with the world.

nope, you must be to actually believe this story and take it seriously. lots of people are laughing, so you're the one with a bad sense of humor

Wow calm down. It really isn't a FML but it is funny. Problem solved?

Ok ok you are right nubcake if I promise to think it's funny will you stfu? HAHAHAHAHA there done. Oh and 16 yes yes problem solved thank you for your concern lol.

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these stories are for fun sheesh marz88 my grandma buys pretty crazy shirts too. its so funny :)

Bad sense of humor? You're the retard here, nubcake. Not everybody laughs at the same thing. Some people don't think of breasts right away.

"not everybody laughs at the same thing" thanks for the information, as if i couldn't figure that out. but you know, if this happens in real life, you would laugh your ass off.

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agreed they cud play innocent and nieve especially if they both wear it on the same day and hang out together