By Blueberrypicc - United States
  Today, I was messing with my boyfriend in my basement. We are both virgins and he wanted to perform oral sex on me for the first time. Naked, we finally decided to try to have sex. We discovered the act is much harder than it may seem. We're both still virgins. FML
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  zach55  |  0

#117 how about you go masturbate listening to a justin bieber song and his gay little girl like voice he has. oh that's right it's because he is one and you want his wet pussy in your face. sick whore

  Raleigh_bruh  |  7

Zach, dude just drop it. You're picking a fight with someone you will most likely never meet, over something as small as a combo breaker on a website.. You know this is not worth it, yes?

Riley, that's because you've just blocked a handful of cocks from continuing their combo. So I hope you're happy with the job, cockblocker. :]