By Blueberrypicc - 13/08/2010 01:01 - United States

Today, I was messing with my boyfriend in my basement. We are both virgins and he wanted to perform oral sex on me for the first time. Naked, we finally decided to try to have sex. We discovered the act is much harder than it may seem. We're both still virgins. FML
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Lol I'm pretty sure it's not that hard.

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@2 that may have been the problem.. hah


Lol I'm pretty sure it's not that hard.

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punny I like :D

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lol that was Funny ^ yeah you see the arrow yeah well yeah it pointing to an F. yes a Fucking F. ^ ^ ^

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well fuck the arrows because they didn't point at the f's like I made them do.

GTFO #120, punny is cool..

never realized this... but lol looks like a vagina. hmmm

#210 I disagree! What kind of vaginas have you been looking at?!

not a single one.


Obviously thats why they didn't have sex:) lol

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awwwwww why you gotta mess it up?!

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Riley! That was my job to do that. :/

cuz im a boss.

zach55 0

yeah! fuck you

zach55 0

yeah your the boss. of cunts.

lol sorry, raleigh. we had brainwaves, i just acted on it quicker! :D

Raleigh_bruh 7

Yeeeh, don't let me catch you trying to take my job from me again. :P

zach55- you should go cry about it some more.

well raleigh, i believe i just stole your job..

Raleigh_bruh 7

Hmm, Riley. If you're going to take my job, then you might as well take the title of cockblocker that goes along with it. :]

zach55 0

#117 how about you go masturbate listening to a justin bieber song and his gay little girl like voice he has. oh that's right it's because he is one and you want his wet pussy in your face. sick whore

ahahahahahahahahah oh my goodness. good one.. what are you? 12?

lol and why's thy raleigh?

zach55 0

sure I am. and what are you a little 5 year old girl trying to act tough? seems like it.

lol god, my iq is dropping just by talking to you and im condoning you by replying. aha this is my last reply.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Zach, dude just drop it. You're picking a fight with someone you will most likely never meet, over something as small as a combo breaker on a website.. You know this is not worth it, yes? Riley, that's because you've just blocked a handful of cocks from continuing their combo. So I hope you're happy with the job, cockblocker. :]

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exactly my comment about you going off masturbating to Justin bieber is true. have fun.

lol someone had to do it raleigh. don't be jealous. :D

Raleigh_bruh 7

Pfft, I am in no way jealous. I'll catch you slipping and get you back one day. But anywho, I'm headed out. Goodnight, boss. :P

lol we'll see bout that! night, sir.

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pfft what a couple.

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lol @ 99

Pools.... We must go on!! Unlike their sex.... XD

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Good god get a room

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What's so hard about oral's like sucking a lolipop, except it's skin.

good effort guys! you can always try again!

Fail is that even possible maybe your not sure? You guys where dry and crispy after ur attempt

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@2 that may have been the problem.. hah

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I see what you did thar...

Hahaha funny xD

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Or maybe they are in middle school...

maybe middle school health is just reallllly bad at teaching that

Raleigh_bruh 7

You'll learn. Hopefully...

we can only hope :(

kids now-a-days.... they never learn.

Raleigh_bruh 7


I lost my virginity today and it wasn't that hard... Maybe you guys are stupid?

It's not like I even gave any details... Stop being so oversensitive.

not enough information

31 I think that made my night. :D

ur welcome :) btw where did u steal that pic from?

OP sounds like a douche. Just whack it in, it's not that hard!

Sarah I'd love to take ur whole family down to the basement and grape u for decades and decades and decades

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like how do you fuck that up