By jordanss - 11/11/2010 18:02 - United States

Today, my apartment building shut off our water for a short period of time because the pipes were being worked on. It was also the morning my dog had diarrhea on my cream carpet. Not only did I have to clean it up without water, I couldn't wash my hands afterward. FML
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You can't really train for diarrhea. They aren't able to hold it.

I thought it was a given that just about everyone has bottled water or even a jug of tap water in the fridge. If not, you could have gone out and bought a gallon for under a dollar :)


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You can't really train for diarrhea. They aren't able to hold it.

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YDI for having a dog. Just kidding.

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YDI for not using a paper towel or at least a tissue.

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just don't jack off anymore

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Who says they didn't? You're still supposed to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom and you don't just use your hand. You must not be one who washes theirs.

They still could have use disposable gloves or if they didn't have any old gloves you can throw away

Maybe they did use gloves. That doesn't mean they shouldn't wash their hands afterward.

YDI for not using the water in the toilet bowl and toilet tank. You fail as a boy scout.

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That's why there's something called chemicals, oh! And hand sanatizer . Or another idea would be drive to the store and get some water. problem solved .

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23 - You have massive boobs.

Exactly. Gloves or not, you should STILL wash your hands. And in a diarrhoea situation, I strongly doubt hand sanitiser would be sufficient. I know I would still wash my hands, even if sanitiser were available (and that also assumes the OP isn't allergic to sanitiser). Too many variables to blame OP for this one.

well, if u use a paper towel, it goes through??

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should of used the toilet water thats in the bowl

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Sorry about your "shitty" day!

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People really need to stop making shitty situation and shitty day jokes every poop-related FML.

LMAO nice one :)

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hey don't be a party pooper

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YDI for giving your dog shitty taco bell. I understand it's cheap but really?

taco bell is good here

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ewww lol

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That's really gross. This is vomiting inducing.

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Oops vomit*

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I find it odd that your building didn't warn you ahead of time. YDI if you knew and then didn't fill up you bathtub with emergency water.

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Also there's the water in the toilet tank.. and most people have some sort of bottled water.

#1 you are retarded. if you were locked in somewhere without a bathroom and had the squirts you'd shit all over the carpet just like the dog.

Shit happens.

that's what you get for having a dog when you live in an apartment. dogs are the worst pet for apartments.

I have a dog and I live in an apartment. I think it works out pretty well.

I also have a dog in an apartment. It's called taking them for walks.

I have a new puppy in an apartment (he's 7weeks so has minimal bowel control) it's not so bad as we've trained him on puppy pads and he mostly knows to go on them, I don't doubt if he had diarrhoea it'd be a different matter, but we do move to a house in 3 weeks so hopefully I'll never have to find out :)

just because you live in a house doesn't mean your dog won't shit on the carpet.