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By Anonymous - 28/11/2015 06:57 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my spineless shitwhip of a boss made me go fire a notoriously abusive employee. I had to act like firing him was my decision, even though I'm the secretary. Now I get to live in constant fear that the guy was serious when he threatened to find out where I live and kill me. FML
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You could always file a police report or restraining order

Just file a police report if you start finding anything amiss


You could always file a police report or restraining order

Restraining orders don't really work...well, mine against someone didn't anyway...the police say it's just good to document it so in other words...when that person attacks/kills you they know where to start...sad but true... : (

they may not always work but if he violates it he can get jail time which is better than nothing. OP I really hope thag if he really is a threat that you did more about this than just post to FML. I would give his info to family members and check in periodically and get at least mace to have on me at all times and get a restraining order. Better safe than....well...sorry...

In theory restraining orders work. In theory, someone against whom you have a "no contact" restraining order will be arrested just for calling your phone. In practice, restraining orders do **** all because they aren't enforced because police can't be bothered to arrest someone just for dialing a phone number.

Police don't help shit. It's kinda hard to alert police if you're already dead in your sleep, and it's not like they're going to have constant surveillance (or any, for that matter) on her house. And what is a restraining order really going to help? Will a piece of paper create an impenetrable shield around OP's house at night? What OP REALLY needs is a high quality alarm system, as well as learning how to properly use a weapon.

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On tv and in the movies restraining orders are this powerful tool. In reality they arent worth the paper they are printer on. If somene is going to do you harm a restraining order might be able to give them a paper cut. Otherwise youll still have harm done to you. Since you know who did it the restraining order wont help the police find you nor will it make the person "more guilty"

The employee you fired should have realized that as a secretary you do not have the authority to make firing and hiring decisions. So clearly it came from your boss. He should have threatened to kill your asshole of a boss instead.

Most employees in an office setting which utilize a secretary are aware that secretaries do not hire and fire employees. So no, there is no need for me to be captain obvious.

He shouldn't even be threatening to kill anyone at all...

Yeah I agree but I think this guy is two short legs away from a straight standing stool

I doubt someone who makes death threats because they got fired thinks rationally enough to realize who makes such decisions.

Just file a police report if you start finding anything amiss

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As a cop I strongly suggest filing a report and trying to get a protective order

I just want to know how autocorrect changes "me" to "go".

sorry , OP. sucks when you have to be the heavy because your boss can't.

Definitely call the police on that. And if you live alone, have a friend stay at your house or stay at a friend's house for a while. Threats like that, especially coming from someone with an abusive history, should be taken seriously. Stay safe, OP.

The longer you wait to file, the worse it could be. Go fill out that report on this man!

File some type of report with local law enforcement. Worse comes to worse it never hurts to have some type of protection.