By Workhorse - 12/07/2014 21:11 - United States - Athens

Today, my boss called me to inform me that I'm being laid off. In my ensuing fit of rage, I deleted the recent project I've been working on for weeks. Pretty soon after, he called me back to let me know it was a prank. FML
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otisnme94 14

Id be so mad. Bosses shouldn't joke about that kinda of stuff.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

You can't pull it out of the trash can from the computer? Or were you so pissed that you fully deleted it? Either way, that way a dick move on your boss' part. Sorry, op.


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Your boss is a dick

The boss deserves to get bitchslapped repeatedly. I don't care how much a jokester someone is, jokingly laying someone off is way across the line. The company I work for has made multiple nationwide layoffs in the last couple years. I've survived them all, but I've seen a couple of great, hard working guys and friends get let go. They didn't know where they were going to go from there as they were cut one morning when they came into work with no warning at all, leaving them and their families scrambling to replace the lost income. To even joke about something like that, OP's boss deserves an ass whooping.

Well said #29, my company is going through a restructure. This week everyone finds out the verdict of their roles. Definitely not something to joke about.

#32, hopefully it's not bad news. The dread and anxiety of those mornings, when the market manager makes an appearance in town and then calls an employee back to a closed door meeting with him and the station manager, everyone knew what was happening right then and then we were all just praying we weren't about to get called back as well. Then you have to deal with saying goodbye to friends and coworkers you had worked with for years and not seeing them or talking to them in the office anymore. It is never something to joke about.

Don't you get a month's notice or redundancy pay if you've worked there for years?

Not where I work. You'll get a severance package, but no warning whatsoever. Last round of cuts, they made the decisions while all the managers from across the nation were meeting in Miami for a big managers conference. Everyone got envelopes and only when they were opened did corporate inform the managers that new layoffs were coming and those getting cut were named in the envelopes. Even then, the managers were not allowed to tell the people ahead of time. They had to sit on this news for over a week, still working with these people while knowing what was about to happen, until a specific date corporate had picked for all of the layoffs to occur nationwide so that they all happened on one day and on the same day.

if it's irreversible he wouldn't have posted.

Firing someone as a prank??

martin998877 12

Good luck hope it goes ok

otisnme94 14

Id be so mad. Bosses shouldn't joke about that kinda of stuff.

You're right. I'd probably have do e something similar to OP too. I suppose now OP's boss is going to have to put some extra work in to help fix the mess!

or not seeing as how ctrl+z is a thing

So is permanent delete.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

You can't pull it out of the trash can from the computer? Or were you so pissed that you fully deleted it? Either way, that way a dick move on your boss' part. Sorry, op.

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

Oops, was*, not way. Stupid autocorrect! >=(

M0rning_star 2

When you delete someone it's not gone until you overwrite the same disk area where your data was. The only way to truly delete something is to overwrite it with zeros or random data. Standard file systems don't do that. The operating system sees the file as deleted but the data is still there and there's a lot of software to recover deleted data. You can even do that manually but it's much harder and you have to know what you are looking for. if it happened recently and he hasn't been writing a lot of data to his HDD there's a big chance the data is still there.

hopefully there are shadow copies.

Correct #86. And stop using the computer right now OP till you get the data back. Google a tool called "Restoration". It's a pretty simple and free program that can recover your deleted files.

The **** kind of prank is that?

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

Exactly my thoughts... And why would he keep going with the prank long enough to let him get all the way home. If you're gonna play a stupid prank like that, that's the kind of prank that you immediately follow up with, "ha ha, just kidding"!

crazytwinsmom 25

There's nothing in the FML about getting all the way home.

It sounds like he was at home at the time. Unless he works in a different building as his boss, I'd imagine the boss would give him the news face to face instead of calling him at his desk to tell him.

A Michael Scott prank... OP your boss sucks :/

Indianboy9321 25

You should have kept the project and sold it to the competition!

That's illegal. He should have left responsibly and then his boss could at least give him a good reference.

Is your boss Michael Scott by chance?

Rabies awareness!!!!

drunkmunkey 24

When it comes to your livelihood it's never a joke.

What kind of prank was that???? Holy crap...

Honestly, that is completely off the board. He should really lay off with the jokes.

Yeah, like damn. If it were me I would report him to HR or something. I'm sure there's something about joking around with people jobs/futures/lively hoods that isn't allowed. If there isn't there really should be. OP's boss is an idiot.

#43, see that? That's #11's puns that just flew over your head

Respect101 17

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