By fridgemylifee - 13/08/2015 17:39 - United States

Today, I had a first date with a guy I met online. And his mom. FML
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ViviMage 38

If he needs Mommy to hold his hand on a date, move on.


ViviMage 38

If he needs Mommy to hold his hand on a date, move on.

Depends if 'mommy' invited herself along or naw

No it doesn't, if she invited herself along he should've told her no.

mds9986 24

She could have shown up without permission.

Then he should've told her to leave?

We don't know ages involved. If he's under 18 I can understand. I can also understand if it's the first time they've met. It's always nice to know you're not meeting up with a serial killer.

I would think that the whole idea of this being an FML is that they are both old enough.

Hunkapoo 19

did you make any "yo mama" jokes during the date?

12 year olds shouldn't be using online dating sites!

mds9986 24

Sadly, we can only use physical age to determine whether or not somebody can do something and not mental age.

it would make everything so much better if we judged on mental age!

I have a feeling this relationship isn't gonna last very long considering he still needs his mommy to make decisions for him. Good luck OP

ProximityToDeath 20

Some mommies just don't want to let go.

lexiieeex3 32

I vote mom, at least she cooks.

What makes you conclude he doesn't cook?

What makes you conclude the mother cooks?

well you did meet online... safety in numbers right?

It's good to get on good terms with the in-laws before your boyfriend

karcummings 19

sounds like an extreme mommas boy, and that'll cause definite issues.

ProximityToDeath 20