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Today, my boss lectured me on the evils of alcohol and how it was 'prohibited' during the 1980s. I said nothing because he hates being corrected. FML
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who cares correct his dumbass :)

Not when consumed responsibly it isn't


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who cares correct his dumbass :)

The OP who doesn't want to lose his job cares.

Is it just me or does it look like there is 2 spaces between "boss" and "lectured"? If there is then that should be corrected :p

Beaner you've never had a real job with a real boss. shut it

you shouldn't call teacher out it disrespectful

Err, yeah, alcohol is dangerous as hell. Just because people threw a fit to the point where they made it legal again doesn't make it good.

Not when consumed responsibly it isn't

I don't think that was the point of the FML, I'm pretty sure the OP was commenting on the fact that the prohibition era in the in Canada from 1907 to 1948. That is not even close to the 1980s. Also as horneyhic said, when consumed responsibly alcohol isn't all evil and actually has a few health benefits.

Also that particular prohibition in Canada was only in Prince Edward Island. Most of the other areas actually had a shorter prohibition era.

#7 and #12 That is a complete lie. Alcohol kills braincells and is toxic to the body. There are certain anti-oxidants in red wine and other drinks ALONG WITH alcohol which is why people argue that it can have health benefits, but ANY alcoholic drink is bad for the body. Get your facts right before you start correcting other people.

Just because it's bad doesn't mean it's terrible. It's like junk food: eat too much, your life will be shortened, you'll get fat, etc. Eat a snack every now and again, no harm is done whatsoever. It's a perfect parallelism. Edit: And junk food can have health benefits, too. Just because it's partially bad for you doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't contain any nutrients.

Somebody knows what they're talking about.

Resveratrol is the stuff in red wine (actually in the grapes it's made from) that is shown to have health benefits. Resveratrol itself is not an antioxidant, but it does contain antioxidants.

@60, You would have a good point except junk food is not good for you. Now, just because you eat junk does not mean you're going to get fat, but being skinny or fat doesn't always reflect what's going on with your cholesterol and other bodily functions. Instead of drinking wine for health benefits, eat the grapes the come from. In their natural state they contain more nutrients than those that have been squashed down and fermented. Also, because for some reason I wasn't able to edit my other post, I would like to note that when you're drunk it's called being "inTOXICated."

Alcohol killing brain cells is a common misconception. There is absolutely no evidence that it actually does so. Furthermore, alcohol is only "dangerous" when large quantities are consumed rapidly. Over time, it is far less dangerous than normal diet soda. Hell, even regular soda and candy are worse for you over a long period of time.

beer has been shown to improve bone density wine and sake have been shown to increase iq and moderate consumption of any alcohol has been shown to reduce heart disease

#59 your wrong a study recently came out proving that alcohol consumed responsibly actually helps prevent dimensia and alzheimers. it does have some health benefits, maybe you should do some research before you base your knowledge off of untrue facts. btw i'm fifteen and I seem to be more knowledgable than you

#65, I never said it was good for you. I was saying that it's -not bad- for you if you consume it only on occasion, and it is possible to get at least some good out of it.

beer has been shown to increase bone density, wine and sake have been shown to raise iq and all types of alcohol when consumed in moderation lower the chance of heart deasease

Actually, prohibition was ended due to the illegal activity.

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over long periods of time, alcohol can cause liver failure and encephalopathy (which can cause permanent brain damage).

@hotdogcore You are also considered "inTOXICated", as you put it, if you have taken a cold medicine, allergy medicine, pain medicine, or any other such thing. @AnneFTW Take your own advice @kaceemae Over long periods of time any medication containing acetaminophen cause liver damage. In fact if you look it up there is a whole host of medications that can cause that liver damage and damage the brain that are prescribed on a daily basis. The fact that something has risks doesn't automatically mean it doesn't also have benefits. Alcohol (not just wine) has it's own risks but if used responsibly also has it's own benefits. I am just saying that people shouldn't automatically act like anyone who enjoys having the occasional drink is a complete moron.

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Someone said alcohol kills brain cells, well reading a book does too. Are you going to start boycotting books now? Drinking alcohol is a personal choice, and it has both pros and cons, if people want to drink, let them. There's nothing wrong with responsible drinking.

alcohol makes shit more fun :) besides as long as you're not a moron when drinking then there's nothing wrong or "evil" about it

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People didnt just throw a fit when it was outlawed IN THE 1920's! People got it illegally which meant good business for gangsters like Al Capone and because of that the crime rate drastically increased. Prohibition was an epic fail. So yea, they didn't stop it because some people threw a fit. Learn what you're talking about before saying it you moron.

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Wait sorry... thought you were talking about Prohibition in America.... my bad.

you live longer in general if you drink it's not dangerous more people die from the cold or flu than alcohol 45k alcohol diseases and induced 250k influenza more during epidemics to 5000k k=1000

59- 15k die from body harm from alcohol 2000k died from HIV/aids last year

65 cholesterol is an essential bio molecule like protein carbs and lipid carbs and lipids make you fat but are most important part of cell protein has cholesterol and without it we would be squishy it isn't bad but to much makes you stiff and clogs arteries

Man! My science teacher is like that... He always makes mistakes then sends us to the corner when we correct him. D:

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sends you to the corner? really? blasphemy!!!!! you're teachers a fucktard.

Obviously, #35's teacher wasn't too bright either. Dear, It would be "your" not "you're"

the corner??? does he take away the choo choo twains as well??

95: Oh yes, that's the worst punishment..... He does that only if we have been very naughty. x.x

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is there a predetermined timeout chair?

Wow and he's a teacher? What a dumbass, correct him next time

hahaha aw, give him a break. maybe he forgot what It said

#13. I think he was confused because of #9 post and forgot that the op said boss and not teacher.

Sirin, you never fail to make me giggle inside. (I spelled your name right, do I get a gold star?)

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some times is polite not to correct people.

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so long as it's done politely

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look up k2LED, thats my dad hes bern an operator for a few months now

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Sometimes it's better to not correct and just sit and laugh at the ignorance of others... but damn you have an idiot for a boss. Sorry.

ugh I hate stubborn idiots who hate being corrected .... just deal with being wrong man