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Today, I had to have a word with my boss about how him coming into work drunk is probably not a very good idea. FML
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OP's Boss: "Hey! Who do you think wears the big boy pants around here?!" OP: "But sir, your not wearing any pants..."


whatever sounds like the perfect boss to me ask him if he wants to grab a drink later?

Just_STFU_Please 13

Who knows, maybe a drink after work will lead to an exponential raise??? It's worth a shot!

thiscrazything 1

Party with the boss = raise. Unless he is a mean drunk, then you are SOL.

Just_STFU_Please 13

22- I didn't intend it to be a pun to be honest. Haha. After I submitted it I just told myself that that comment was perfect.

Maybe its just me but I don't understand what's so bad about this

Pshh... what could possibly go wrong... >_>

It's obvious your sarcasm detectors need a tune up. But it's hard as hell to detect that in only text.

hotPinklipstick 24

24- I wouldn't say you are famous on FML. When you have 4000+ comments like DocBastard or Perdix then you can claim your "title".

If I'm famous, where's my royalty check? Come on, FML!

TunechiXXL 0

25 - you mean these guys are famous (to you) just for posting on FML, that is hilarious. Then to top it off, if they each have posted over 4,000 comments, they are Ratards who have no lives...... Really.....

Benabus - I have a secret list down in my evil lair which contains the names of FML commentors i hate. Guess what, bro. You're on it. Perhaps... famous for all the wrong reasons?

TunechiXXL - I'm a Ratard? *checks dictionary* Shit, I can't even find word anywhere. Please define it for me so I know what you're talking about. And as for no life, I'll have to ask my wife and children about my lack of a life and how I can go about getting one. I had no idea that posting comments on a website means that you don't have a life! Maybe you can help me get a life! Please advise me, oh guru.

*Facepalm* Why do i even bother? Doc, being a 'Ratard' sounds pretty damn terrible. Fancy coming over to my cave for a while so we can analyse this new insult? Oh, cake will be served too?

44- DocBastard, "ratard" is obvious: You come from vermin decent, being "Rat-arded." It's a noble title for someone infamous, not famous, here in the world of fml. ;)

I thought it might be a combination of "rat bastard" and "retard", but that guy doesn't seem clever enough to come up with that himself.

Benabus, I've been reading FML for almost a year and this is the first I've ever heard of you. You have like 180 comments. That's nothing. You sound like a self important twit that no one has ever heard of.

You should've had a word about that promotion he promised you!

jerseyboy732 16

ORRRRRRRRR you could have suggested beer pong wednesdays :D

MsMeiriona 2

You shouldn't have been talking to him, should have gone to his bosses.

iloveweed69 7

Sounds like a great boss to me