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Today, I found out that if a guy you've been dating starts acting weird, there's probably a reason why. Like, perhaps, a wife and two kids. FML
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BeforeItWasCool 12

Your best revenge will be to tell his wife. That way she can take his kids away. There is NO worse punishment than that. Sounds a bit harsh? No. This guy ****** around on his family. There's no excuse for that. Ever.


Catlvr12 10

Oh boy. Maybe you should be doing background checks? Good luck with the next one, OP. :/

If you normally do background checks on people how many times has this type of thing happened to you?

If she did a background check, people would be saying , "Bitches be crazy! What a crazy stalker girlfriend!" YOU CAN NEVER WIN

Because you should normally trust your significant other. I'm sorry this happened to you OP, but don't let affect your outlook on other guys!

If OP's date wants variety in his relationships, here's a thought, he shouldn't have gotten married. Yeah, I know there can be unexpected problems between him and his wife that arise during the marriage, then he should get a divorce instead of trying to flip between having two lovers, but it looks like the guy's wife is probably already onto the divorce thing.

jovizzle 8

Girlfriend number twoooooo ***Pleasure P Voice***

You are literally too stupid to insult...

Good luck finding someone who will be cool with giving you a background check. What kind of psycho does a background check on evey single guy she ever considers going out with?

Not everyone online dates like you do, 1

BeforeItWasCool 12

Guys these like give the good guys (like myself) a bad name

Aug1508 9

Like what's up with guys being douches lately?!

You only hear the bad stories. There are a lot of guys being great right now but there are a lot (but a lot less) guys cheating right now too. Guys are always being douches just like more guys are being faithful at the same exact moment. And the same goes for ladies who in fact cheat at a rate that isn't vary far below the rate of men cheating.

Everyone'a a douche until you find someone who's truly worth the effort, no matter gender. Girls and guys are pretty much the same when it comes to this I would say.

There is no bigger asshole than the cheater with kids.

Thizzkidsgotgame 7

Well... At least he isn't YOUR husband. Poor kids.

bRower 3

99, I understand the point you're trying to make, but it's a terrible one.

99- I was obviously not being literal, mass genocide is far worse than cheating. I'm talking in a general, everyday sense rather than a "dark spot in World History" sense. Your comment was completely irrelevant and a little bit douchy.

It sucks to be the one being cheated with more than being the one being cheated on.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Not necessarily. OP may well have only been dating him for a couple of weeks, maybe longer. Imagine how painful it would be to find out the man you'd married, committed to for life, and had two children with was unfaithful. It's clear who has the worst end of the deal here.

Trix_Disorder 20
musicluvr2000 11

18- you make a very good point, but it also hurts to know that that he (or she) is dating you while being "committed" to someone.

AlexM42 5

Sorry, but I completely disagree. The OP's (hopefully ex) boyfriend had children with his wife and has likely been with her for many years. While he obviously is not dedicated or faithful his wife has a lot more invested in their relationship than the OP. I'm sure that you can see where this would lead to more emotional attachment and therefore pain than a relatively brief affair.

Why was 3 thumbed down? She makes a good point, but i don't really agree with her though.

I don't know about sucks either way, because either way you're being played.

93, Your comment was bad and you should feel bad.

It does suck to find out you are the one being cheated with, especially of you really had no idea. But a wife and kids definitely wins. At least OP didn't have kids or anything with that sleaze.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Yes, 53, I imagine it's not a nice experience from either end. However, my comment was merely stating that the wife, and mother to his children had the worst end of the deal. Sure, it's unsettling to find a guy you've been dating is married, and a father, but nowhere near as bad as the wife if she were to find out.

crazyme777 0

Not. The girl moves on the wife is screwed

Samandra 4

Reminds me of the "other family" on that one episode of Family Guy. Haha.

Is the Family Guy one the episode where James Woods steals Peter's identity?

Samandra 4

I don't think so. It was like a short clip where Peter got mad at Lois and was like "I'm going to live with my other family!" and he took a plane and got dressed in a taxi and ended up being the mom of like two kids and had a husband.. I thought it was pretty funny.

What's worse than the FML is your punctuation.

musicluvr2000 11

Am I the only one scratching me head at 51's comment?

RedPillSucks 31

She's Noor. Having ascended to FML heaven, she's allowed to have a couple of comment flubs

syley 5

Noor was making fun of 5's punctuation, didn't realize it was that hard to tell.

What a bastard... We need the Doc to come up with A nasty revenge plan!

Funny how Doc's comment begins with, "Your best revenge will be to...."

I'd find his wife and tell her. I hate cheating people. Just stay single ha.

Find his wife sleep with her and keep things even and fair.

Icejza_DaChilla 7

Watch out guys, we got an insanity wolf over here!

vetgrl 2

I hope you didn't have sex with someone you barely know. (If you don't know he is married, you barely know him, these married guys have "imaginary friends" people you never meet as if you are hidden, and are signs you should investigate. So if you slept with him YDI, but if you weren't that serious FYL! It really just depends.

KommanderKush420 5

...........Umm, if OP knew her boyfriend was cheating on her in the first place, do you reeeaallllyy think that they still would have been going out?

When I was little, my mom got engaged and we lived as a family for years. Before they got married, it was then we found out he was already married with 2 kids. Some men are good at living double lives.

U don't make sense, the guy/dad is the bad guy in this fml he's the only hoe and ****.

11- She deserved to be lied to and cheated on? No. You deserve to be smacked for your stupid comment. No one DESERVES that kind of treatment. It doesn't matter if she slept with him or not. He's a liar and a cheater. He is the bad guy, not OP.

I think a lot of people really think they know someone and it turns out they don't. And some people are really good liars. It can happen to anyone, not just really naive people.

11, Wait so if you're in a relationship with someone and you don't sleep with them and it turns out they're married you're a victim but if you sleep with them you deserve it...? How is having sex the decider in this? Is your world perception so sex oriented that it is the point of reference for anything anyone does? I can see you saying something really stupid in future like "It sucks that your grandmother died, unless she had over 3 sex partners, then the filthy ***** deserved it", and then you'll learn the hard way why you're a dumbass.

Don't you think he probably lied about being married? Why would OP just assuming he was lying. I would think if someone was looking to date me that they were single.

loserboii 11

Please explain how you found that out!