Grammar rules, OK!

By Anonymous - 21/09/2011 12:11 - United States

Today, my new boss lost his shit and flew into a ten minute rant against me about the "value of respect". He told me that if I wanted to stay in "his" company, I'd best start toeing the line. All this because I corrected his misuse of "your" and "you're" in one of his memos. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Send him to FMyLife. We'll tear him a new asshole.

Your- A possesive which belongs to you You're- You are IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT


Yeeaaaahhh its never best to correct the boss lol sad but true

Yup. The bosses can shit on you all day, but the second you correct them on something, they rage.

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monkeys1315 0

Don't correct your boss, that's dumb

Malinkrot 3

Leave the grammar nazi's alone, they aren't good at anything else and don't have any other knowledge, so they resort to correcting grammar mistakes that everyone learned about in high school. All the engineering and math majors laugh at grammar nazi's because they think that knowing the difference between "your" and "you're" makes them comparable to Einstein. Grammar nazi's are the type that will take one of those fake online IQ tests, get a 160 and start bragging to everyone about how they are a genius.

55 Your first sentence is a run on and has a comma splice. As well as the rest of your sentences. I got a 170 Thank you very much!

60- Your forgot the "." after 170. Thus, you, too, have a run-on sentence; Grammar Nazi fail.

Streeet_hayley 6

You'd best not be toeing over the line

55- you're just mad cause you suck at life. Do you realise that it is because of people who try to be perfect that we have advanced so far? calm the **** down, yea I know it's the Internet so you don't have to be grammatically correct everywhere, so feel free not to. However, at the same time don't insult those who want to speak english properly. ?

If you are gonna troll OP, do it either anonymously or very far away so they can't rage against you in person (hopefully)

55, not good at anything else in life? And what about you? You're on FML attempting to cut down grammar nazis. What are you good at in life?

Why am I being thumbed down? You people are fags.

rallets 22

grammar nazis are die-hard try-hards

OP clearly YOU'RE a dumb shit. Try thinking next time before you embarrass yourself with your clear lack of intelligence.

On some level I kind of agree with you 55, I hate grammar nazis, BUT my brother who just graduated from civil engineering once corrected 'you're', and 'than' on something. When I teased him about being 'mr.english teacher he was just like, uhh we take english courses to...

Never ever come with unsolicited advise or corrections. YDI

YDI. No one likes a grammar nazi. It's your damn boss ffs.

*advice Advise is a verb, and advice is a noun. Lulz.

Yeah, I'm actually his brother. I apologize for my disrespect, boss. Runs in the genes. :(

StopDropNRoll 11

Btw what does lulz mean? I honestly see no reason to use that.

skata 4

2- you just gave unsolicited advice...

GAMaeishere 0

83 Lulz - internet slang for "laughter at others' expense." It can be used as a verb or a noun.

Magic1 9

Uhh..yeah. Let's not be a grammar Nazi outside of the Internet OP, since we know who were actually conversing with.

15- That statement is what is wrong with the Internet, I hope that was some lame attempt at sarcasm but I doubt it.

34- I wasn't being sarcastic, just implying the fact that it makes you look like a snobby bitch when you try and correct someone else's grammar in person

Yes 41, it makes us look like a bitch. You want us to stand quietly as we watch, slowly and painfully, the international language we have been using and brought up with deteriorate to the point of total misunderstandings everywhere.

41, i hear people say "It's the Internet. It doesn't matter." But what? You're saying it doesn't matter irl either? Wow. That's a fresh argument.

FYLDeep 25

Send him to FMyLife. We'll tear him a new asshole.

FYLDeep 25

Actually, wait two days. I hear that the second coming of Jesus or some shit is happening that day.

FYLDeep 25

I don't think anyone caught that Snickerdoodles reference. Except for maybe Perdix. He's got like an internal alarm clock for when girls turn 18.

I remember snickerdoodles! She was the Queen grammar Nazi. I bow down to her superior skills.

And then you said "towing the line" and ended up looking like an idiot anyway. "Toeing", you great buffoon.

op I agree. when people use your/you're wrong it makes me so frustrated. lol I'm really ocd about that...but sorryy your boss doesn't sound very fun...

Your- A possesive which belongs to you You're- You are IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT

Thank you, No. 7. Most poor spellers think that Spellcheck will save them and will argue with the good spellers to the death that Spellcheck didn't highlight this so it must be correct. They don't understand that Spellcheck can't help them with USAGE errors; it merely tells you if something you have written is not actually a word. Our company received an unsolicited resume and cover letter from a woman who wrote in the letter that she would be a 'great ass to our company.' Obviously she meant 'asset' but Spellcheck didn't highlight her mistake and she was too lazy or careless to read over her cover letter. Even worse, she kept re-sending us the same resume with the same cover letter with the same error in it for years. To top it off, she was hoping for a writing job. We laughed our heads off and now, 20 years later, we are still in hysterics over the 'ass letter.' Guess who never even garnered an interview with us? We just can't have that kind of carelessness. So yes, spelling and grammar DO matter. This woman desperately wanted to work in our industry but her career never launched because she failed to notice an obvious spelling error in her cover letter.

71, God you think she would have given up by now or try to go over her resume and catch her mistake... Sorry about what happened OP. I doubt you're alone in this though. I bet someone else, where you work, would have corrected it as well.

71 id thumb you up but the comments too big for my iphones screen :[

skata 4

126- if you slide your finger across the comment it lets you thumb it, no matter how big it is

skata 4

126- if you slide your finger across the comment it lets you thumb it, no matter how big it is

Yes, No. 109, it was astonishing that this dolt of a woman didn't figure it out. It took about four years but eventually she stopped bothering us. She is probably wondering why she never even got an interview for an entry level job while people who graduated after she did were picked up for freelance and eventually staff jobs and honestly it was because she accidentally called herself an ass in her cover letter.

You and your co-workers let her keep reapplying for years without bothering to tell her she had a mistake on her cover letter. Ass holes.

It is not our responsibility to correct errors on cover letters we did not even solicit in the first place. We are not in the business of helping people write their resumes and cover letters and coaching them so they can get jobs.

Number 7, in your little bio section of your profile it says 'grammar nazi's unite'. Should that not be 'nazis'?

To be honest, it's probably not so much an issue of difficulty as it is people simply not caring.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

Dude your boss is always right :p

And yet, I'm wondering if the boss changed it on the memo? (:

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

94 - dang it I meant to thumb down lol. You put "your" on purpose when you used it correctly, I hope you know :b ...Unless you meant to say it like "you're a boss" like the joke "like a boss" - you know what, never mind..... You used "your" correctly, good job! (:

If he misused those two words, he has no right being a boss.

I'm assuming he's only done it this time, and I would think OP was trying to focus on his behavior, not that we need to rant about a small mistake.

mrlopez 13

There should be a day dedicated to those group of bright minds.." Y'kno...maybe call it "Hobo Appreciation Day ;)