By Anonymous - Australia - Elwood
Today, I got stopped by people asking for donations for their charity services. Being who I am, I hate saying no to people, so I told them "I don't have any money, only my card." Did you know they also accept payment by card? FML
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I'll tell you why. Your comment is stupid, contributes nothing, and then you start crapping up the rest of the comment section with your inane observations. Take the downvotes like a big boy and don't ask about it.

  MrConcise  |  34

#26 - This. If you're going to make a comment saying YDI or FYL, there needs to be something more than what could easily be expressed by a vote. "YDI for not having a backbone, OP." Sure, it's still simple, but at least it gives context.

  chef4money  |  12

I have gone onto comments where the majority were down voted in the beginning for no reason. I think it's fun for some people, like it gives them so sort of control. Don't take it personally, it happens a lot.

  HarrisonX  |  25

Also, how the fuck did my comment get downvoted for saying thanks. Honestly, you guys are fucking retarded. And since when did the rules say that I had my comments had to be constructive? The Fml community truly is stupid.

  cjfred  |  13

I don't have anywhere close to O negative, #17, and Red Cross still calls me every damn week. They always pressure me to donate *exactly* 56 days after the last one, which is the required minimum. Vampires is right.

  Ilmoran  |  20

If I ever donate plasma, I'll have to worry about being hounded for more. My AB+ blood type means my red blood cells are of limited use, but my plasma can be used by anyone.

  a1_z9  |  10

Lots of charities out-source their marketing, it means lots of generous people get harassed by people who only care about meeting targets. It's sad they are made to feel bad because they don't have money and time for it all and it really puts me off donating to the big charities.

  dc120994  |  11

never give them your credit card. In my city a "charity" group was stealing people information and stole thousands of dollars in a couple days.

  ShannonBitt  |  29

My old house phone got calls practically everyday, asking my mom to donate blood. I finally had enough and they caught me in a bad mood, I (a usually quiet, reserved little girl) told them to never call again. Not one more call after that day.

Note: I know they were just doing their job and I didn't mean to yell at them, but it was ridiculous.


Just tell them you got a new tattoo- can't donate for another year ?... At our house we just don't answer and laugh when they try to leave a message for my mom (She has a *very* unique name)

  Cass_x  |  22

There's a difference between being nice, and letting people walk over you, though. (Not saying the OP is the latter, bc I obviously don't know them.) They could just be too nice, which really sucks for them :/

By  Invictus_Anima  |  5

A similar situation like that happened to me, only they were selling perfume. They got me right befoee I went into the grocery store and I told them I wouldn't have enough money for it after I was done shopping. The point is, don't ever feel pressured in a situation like that. You never know what they might do with your credit card information!