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Today, my boss was being a total asshole. While in the bathroom, he turned his back on me, so I gave him the finger, mouthed obscenities, and pantomimed stabbing him with a knife. He was looking in the mirror and saw everything. FML
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lol if I saw that I'd be laughing my ass off:P

Keep thinking about this story while you are standing in the unemployment line, I'm sure it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Jackass. YDI

I guess it ok that u did that and he saw cuz he was being an ass already and he deserved it :)

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You, my friend, define the word dumbass.

op is an idiot. how do you not see the BIG ASS MIRROR

Because a big ass mirror is generally placed around assticular height. And if it's a big one, you only need to check it if you have a badonkadonk.

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Why yes, as a matter of fact you are retarded....

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If I saw you, I'd do much more than "pantomiming" stabbing you because you're a dumbass.

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I don't understand how he couldn't have seen his boss looking in the mirror? YDI for being dumb.

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i see that they give jobs out to morons nowadays

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AHAHAHAHA OP thinks he's a vampire

So you didn't notice your boss standing still staring straight ahead into the mirror a foot or two in front of him, which would should have been in your line of vision. Unless you were staring up while stabbing him, swearing at him, and giving him the finger. Intelligent.

Yeah, you were most likely not intelligent or observant enough to hold that job anyway.

Cool story bro. You shouldve just laughed it off and said you were joking! :P

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You really had to be that stupid? Or that immature? and in the bathroom for heavensake? (By the way, if he was being a jerk because you tried to talk to him in the bathroom, he's well within his rights.) I can't think of any possible way you wouldn't have deserved it!

Really? ....really? Wat did u expect? Every bathroom ever created has a mirror.

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Actually the school I used to go remodeled the building with the bathrooms in it and when they did the bathrooms the didn't put mirrors in because the girls were doing hair and make up and skipping or super late for class. Kinda sucked lol

yeah 33, cause him and his boss shared a outhouse together..

At least all the bathrooms with indoor plumbing have mirrors lol

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Not the bathroom at my school.

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That was pretty stupid. How did you not notice the mirror?

your boss deserved it for being such an asshole! maybe now he learned a lesson.. nobody like assholes, nobody.

I don't see how that teaches the boss a lesson. He can just fire OP for being a dumbass and insulting him. Oh and FYI: Bosses are not there to be liked and loved. They're there to do a JOB.