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  Trupe  |  3

Well shit she meant well. Of you think it's an fml cause she said you finally have a neck maybe you shoulda taken care of your body. If it really bothered you that much, which it obviously didn't, you would have taken care of your weight problem before your neck pulled a Houdini.

  melsaraj  |  9

it seems like whenever I comment I get harassed about "shooting up".. sad really to be put in a category because I workout and go to re gym 7 days a week. w.e it's all good. but you can ride my dick for telling me I'm rude. the fatty here ate her way to losing a neck. hahahahahaaah thanks for the laugh and goodjob loosing the weight, 100% supporting you (thumbs up)

  darkmis1  |  17

How do we know the OP is a woman? She could have been a man all along, but was so fat, the penis was never seen lolz.
OP: good job on losing the weight. Even though it's just your neck, it's still a start. Keep dieting and exersizing, and you'll get there soon enough!