By lalala - 18/07/2010 04:02 - Philippines

Today, my best friend told me I lost weight. I was happy because I've worked hard to shed off those pounds. I asked her what changes were evident, she told me that I now have a neck. FML
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Hey, at least you have one now, thats all that matters

If that bothers you, you can always gain weight again and lose that annoying neck :)


hobozrule 4

A compliment and a burn all in one. Nice friend. Very proud of you by the way. Two thumbs up buddy! :)

OhWowFYLindeed 0

At least you lost weight, right? :P

fatt ass should have left the donut alone

I don't get how this is an fml. you worked hard at losing weight, and you were complimented by your friend... oh the horror!!

Look on the bright side, at least you have a neck now.

MeAlec 1

the truth hurts fatty. keep it up

stop complaining you lost weight right?

thaprince1226 0

don't hate on #20 just cuz ur not ripped Luke us.

Kylias 6

Well, you asked. What did you expect her to say?

Trupe 3

Well shit she meant well. Of you think it's an fml cause she said you finally have a neck maybe you shoulda taken care of your body. If it really bothered you that much, which it obviously didn't, you would have taken care of your weight problem before your neck pulled a Houdini.

StopB1tchingYDI 0

stop whinning that's a compliment

BadPinkKitty07 0

better answer than a lot you could get. what did you expect? that's a dumb question to ask on the first place. ydi.

it's not an FML, the OP now has a neck. what everyones problem with fat people though?

if you didn't want her to say honestly then why did you ask?

emmanizzer 6

if they're your best friend so what? you know that they meant well. at least they didn't say it in front of a bunch of other people.

Arsonnist 3

Congrats op. That was in the past. Now look at the new you.

quent10 0

lol Ed Edd and eddy nobody had necks there either

msyelowbubblegum 0

hey you have a neck now! yay! wtf are u complaining about ??? "i have a nek fml"

it seems like whenever I comment I get harassed about "shooting up".. sad really to be put in a category because I workout and go to re gym 7 days a week. w.e it's all good. but you can ride my dick for telling me I'm rude. the fatty here ate her way to losing a neck. hahahahahaaah thanks for the laugh and goodjob loosing the weight, 100% supporting you (thumbs up)

faery_fml 0

#20- He worked hard to lose weight. What are you talking about?

hairt 4

op didn't ask. read carefully..

Hey, at least you have one now, thats all that matters

How is this an FML, your diet is working and you're getting what you wanted

Lawl, thats funneh. I love people, especially the ones that have necks. Good for you!

Dizkreet13 3

lol that sucks for you! hey atleast u got healthier. ( Subway Ftw!! )

That sucks, but at the same time I also put "YDI" because technically it was a compliment so you deserve to be complimented on your hard work. =)

horayyyyyyy no more turtle necks for you!!!

farmvillelovah 0


Everything about this makes me want to gauge my eyes out.

Hey it's farmvillehlovah again. Who would have thought..

I don't get how this is an fml .. D:

keep working and you might find your penis. even if you are a woman.............

How do we know the OP is a woman? She could have been a man all along, but was so fat, the penis was never seen lolz. OP: good job on losing the weight. Even though it's just your neck, it's still a start. Keep dieting and exersizing, and you'll get there soon enough!

kazzythesavage 0

I agree #7. it's not an fml. your losing weight and that's a good a thing :)

If that bothers you, you can always gain weight again and lose that annoying neck :)

eehizle 0

necks are just so tempermental, aren't they.

dorworters 9

i dont understand why she would bitch in the first place...she should be happy! she lost enough weight! did she think she wasnt fat before...?