By eliinu - 02/09/2016 02:45 - United States - Middlesboro

Today, my aunt said that it looked like I lost some weight. I was pleased with this, since I've been trying to lose some. My mom, for some reason, thought it was insulting. She pulled me to aside to assure me that I most definitely don't look any skinnier. FML
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hellobobismyname 24

Or could be that she actually thought it was meant to be insulting and was trying to reassure her daughter. I was told before that I had lost weight, like I was becoming 'too skinny' and looked like I had cancer. So I understand that sometimes, people comment on things like that negatively. It's not always a compliment, and although OP's mom was wrong this time, it's not like she called OP fat. Just that she didn't lose weight. Maybe her mom never thought she was fat in the first place, or she didn't know her daughter was trying to lose weight. The way she said it, even pulling her to the side instead of saying it in front of everyone, shows that she was trying to do damage control. I could be wrong though, but that's how I see it. OP, congratulations on your efforts! Keep going :)

Not to mention there are plenty of average-sized people who feel they would like to be thinner. I have friends who are petite as all hell, and some of them still think they're too big.

ChaiseT 16

Good for you OP for losing weight.

I think you and your mother need to have a little talk

Different age groups are used to different beauty ideals. Depending on OP's mother's age and where she was brought up, she may be used to "skinny" being used as a derogatory term. If you look at bikini models from 1960s and 1970s, most of them are quite curvy. Also, not everyone actually needs to lose weight. Maybe OP is actually healthy weight and should not lose any more weight.

Chances are you see your mum more than your aunt? If that's the case, mum is less likely to notice changes like that as she's seen you change gradually, whereas auntie will have had to wait to see you and will aee the difference. Dunno why your mum's being weird about it though...

Without sounding rude, how much do you weigh? Weight loss can be great if you are on the heavy side but it isn't always a good thing if you are already a healthy weight. Makes me wonder with the conflicting reactions between your aunt/mum

I was a healthy weight before and I'm still a healthy weight.

I suppose that's a matter of opinion. Regardless, 12 lbs in a little over a month is fairly noticeable. At least, it was for myself.

also meant 2 months yay i'm bad at typing

The way your mom acted was atrocious. Clearly someone saw the weight loss don't mind what she says or thinks. Just do you and don't stop working out

I'm gonna make a guess here: your mom is fat. Fat people don't like it when other fat people succeed at losing weight -- it's like you're abandoning the team.

Wow, that is such a stupid assumption to make.