By oD_Ronan - 29/08/2013 07:39 - United States - Olympia

Today, my barber repeatedly threatened to stab me with scissors while I was getting my hair cut. FML
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Was his name Edward?

Might be time to switch barbers


Was his name Edward?

Or he must have moved too much.

jw90 18

Or Sweeney Todd?

I'll take Johnny Depp for a $1000, Alex.

caohm 18

i wouldn't recommend asking for a little of the top

rebellionwars 11

Edward Cullens?

Edward Scissorhands. ._.

Borgov Hootzenheffer?...bad memories...don't hire a Russian to do a Canadian haircut

nurchok 15

Bro, the last name sounds German...

Might be time to switch barbers

Maybe it was the only way he could get op to hold their head still while cutting? My mom used to say to me "if you move your head, it's going to be crooked, I'm not going to fix it, and you might get hurt with the scissors."

I hope he was kidding...

My thoughts exactly.

20- The way your mom said it and the way OP's barber said it is completely different... If OP was moving, the barber could just politely say, "Please try to stop moving. I don't want to accidentally cut you."...

Eliseopwns 22

Godammit Zohan.

Despite his current not-so-great film streak, I always felt that was one of Saddler's more underrated films.

15 - how can you say that? That's My Boy was hilarious as fuck.

Time for a new barber?

slappygecko 21

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.

Some people share different humour, but then again, you might want to watch out.

TheDrifter 23

And be glad he isn't in for a hot shave. Jokes about getting cut have a whole new feel when there is a razor at your throat.

Hope you didn't tip.

Ya, pets not tip the guy that threatened to stab you. That's a smart idea

Wait, you're supposed to tip barbers??? My while life is a lie :O

#58 - It's a wonder you haven't been threatened to have been stabbed by one, then! :P

Sweeney Todd?

was he singing his threats like he was in a musical? maybe you were in Sweeney Todd and he was making the worst pies in london? if he looked and acted anything like Mr Depp, I would consider myself lucky....sigh!!!!

He's weird...I think it's time to get a new barber..

Look at number 2 and 4s comment.

JustMyUsername 4

You should have done something about it