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Today, my apparently braindead and now ex-boyfriend asked me if "this period thing" is going to happen a lot, and said that if it is, "we're so done." FML
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Some people lack common sense. You can do better OP!

Tell him, "Yeah, stop questioning my health or I'll exclaim our split-up."


Some people lack common sense. You can do better OP!

PterodactylMan 23

More like some people lack common knowledge

K410 18

Apparently he thought "swag" would get him through in life :p

Yes and no. There are so many different types of birth control methods that can stop a woman's period that it's not unheard that a guy would think a female wouldn't get a monthly period. But this OP need not worry about it with this tactless fool.

Every woman reacts different to different types of birth control. I got an IUD after my second child. I was told my period might or might not stop. 8 months later and I'm still having my monthly gift.

But there is one thing that will surely stop a girl's periods. Pregnancy.

#57: Actually, most birth controls don't stop periods. They can lessen the symptoms and SOMETIMES might stop them altogether, but generally speaking, you still get your period on birth control. It's just a lot more manageable.

DenBriZel 31

I guess I was one of the lucky ones. After I had my daughter I got an IUD that has a "small" chance of stopping periods. Well mine stopped and at first I was terrified that I had become pregnant again. (this was about a year and a half ago)

-83 I'm on the pill and if I don't want a period I just start another pack. I only get 4 periods a year by choice. So yeah 57 was right. Some people say they need it to feel normal but I hate periods and if my doctor says it's okay who am I to argue having a less interrupted sex life.

Yes, it is. But I'd rather have the painful truth, than the blissful lies.

Tell him, "Yeah, stop questioning my health or I'll exclaim our split-up."

When I said exclaim I meant ex-claim... yeah.

Hmm if you guys were even having sexual intercourse , you should have gone on a contraception , not for the sake of your now ex-bf but to also not risk yourself falling pregnant...

Maybe OP was the one who got dumped when the guy realized it's going to be a common occurrence, but I hope it was the other way around!

Me too. The dumbass ex saying "we're so done" makes me think he dumped her though. Either way, she's rid of his brain dead - ness.

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challan 19

Nope. Periods are a lie. Women don't pee, poop or bleed. Don't worry.

Does that mean that my wife is a man in disguise?

It's true, ladies don't fart. They just hold it in and it comes out as drama.

bingbongbingbong 11

You should hit him on the head. Maybe wake up the common sense that clearly seems to be hibernating in the deep recesses of his halfbrain.

myoukei 31

But that might kill the few braincells he has left :/

Soniye 14

Oh, sure it can. You kill all the idiots in the world and voila, problem fixed. The overpopulation problem would be fixed too :)

He'll be missing out on a lot until he grows up. You're better off without him.

He'll be living the forever alone life with that attitude. Unless he finds a girl who had a hysterectomy.

There are plenty of people he could date that don't have periods. They're called men.

challan 19

10: Women with hysterectomies often have much bigger problems. If he doesn't want to have to deal with a period, it's unlikely he'll want to deal with discomfort or pain associated with sexual dysfunction or lack of lubrication or depression or any of the other hundreds of things it can cause. OP's ex-boyfriend is a moron, and we should all hope that he wins a Darwin Award and removes himself from the gene pool.

My sister in law had to have an emergency hysterectomy and she's a big ball of hormones (thankfully she handles it well). So I know it's tough. I said hysterectomy because it's a sure fire way to never have a period. And I agree with his removal from the gene pool. I pray to god he never procreates.

Well we see he didn't pay attention in health class!