By pong - 06/08/2013 21:59 - France - Toulouse

Today, I asked my surgeon if I would be having a general or local anesthetic at my upcoming operation. He replied, "General, of course! It's gonna be a slaughterhouse in there!" FML
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General anaesthesia is ALWAYS better. That way you can't hear us saying "Oh shit, what the hell is that?" and talking about you.


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Hopefully he doesn't end up that bad

#23 you didn't understand the fml did you?

#24 If he/she is getting general anesthetic he/she won't feel anything…

#24 and you don't get the difference between general and local

#23 they wont feel it during, but judging by what the doctor said, they certainly will later.

Isn't that any surgery? You don't come out of an op feeling instantly better.

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Morphine was my friend after my first surgery. But i was also so out of it that my dad thought i was mad at him.

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I want to know this man, and award him a medal.

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Don't worry I'm sure he has a lot of hours put into surgeon simulator 2013 before the operation ;D

God damn, that game is frustrating just thinking about it

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That's some European humor for you. At least he's honest... :)

I know, right?? If only there was a button for that!

No, it must be great thinking there will be a lot of blood coming from your body durning a surgery

A lot of blood usually does come from their body. That's why in the surgery you get transfusions.

#29 - No, you usually do NOT bleed a lot during surgery, and transfusions are very rare. Or did I miss that day on uncontrolled bleeding during surgery school?

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I think 29 went to the Mengele school of medicine. Only once in 6 surgeries have I needed a transfusion, and that time I had already lost a lot of blood by the time I got there.

At least it's a good book. But yeah get the hell out of that operation.

General anaesthesia is ALWAYS better. That way you can't hear us saying "Oh shit, what the hell is that?" and talking about you.

I read surgeon and immediately expected a comment from you.

I, for one, would like to know what surgery you're having OP, so I can avoid it all costs.

TheDrifter 23

I'm not sure which is worse, the "what the hell is that", or coming up one short on the equipment count at the end.

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I read "dumbass doc" and automatically expected input from him. doesn't necessarily need to be a surgeon !

Do you have much experience with 'oh shit, what the hell is that'? I sometimes read your blog, but it would be interesting to hear (read) something similar to that..

I say that all the time. Usually it's in response to a misspelled tattoo or a vial of "something" that fell out of someone's ass crack. Yes, that happened.

Oh man. I'd like to see you work. Or even be a patient of yours, but that's kinda impossible. Sadly. You seem awesome tbh.

With all due respect, you do NOT want to be a patient of mine. They've all been stabbed or shot or run over with a steamroller.

Or have a bottle up there ass. Lol Some doctors don't have great bed side manor. I'm sure some surgeons have seen a lot of ****** up and bad shit in there career and are probably desensitized to the point they can call surgery a slaughter house and not make the connection that that would scare you. Good Luck OP!

*Their squared sorry writing sideways in bed and not paying attention...

#75 - A bedside manor? Is that like a seaside manor? ;-)

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Manner god sorry. Although bedside manor would be a good name for a ***** house.

I have had local, twilight, and general anesthesia and personally I like twilight the best. When I was completely under I had to have a breathing tube and I didn't like that. When I had local, it took more than they have me to knock out the pain- so it hurt a lot. But for my heart ablationI had to be awake and that was awesome. I could see my entire chest on the monitors and my heart... Plus I couldn't have cared less about anything.

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If you didn't like what he said, you should have went to you surgeon and... Opened up.