By Jesse - 10/05/2012 21:22 - United States - Bothell

Today, I had to get a prostate exam. Right before the doctor started, he told me that if I found it awkward at all, I should just imagine I was being probed by aliens. FML
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lukep135 6

I personally like to imagine a fat redneck stroking my rectum during prostate exams, but to each his own


Try it. Some people are into that kind of stuff

That explains why ET needed the glowy finger.

Is it just me or am I the only one who thought of a Family Guy episode first instead of E.T?

I've gotta feeling DocBastard is going to comment on this

Maybe the doctor was the guy from Ancient Aliens. OP: Doc, do I have an enlarged prostate? Doc: Nope, just Aliens!

jojimugo 20

Awkwardpartyb am with you .

18 - Oh no! You just effectively destroyed my childhood. ET phone home!

28- I did too! There's nothing like a bit of awkward humour to break the ice :)

TheBonzaiGirl 0

53-"Kyle! I swear, if I didn't have a guy's hand up my ass, I'd leap across the room and kick you in the nuts!" xD

hahahah are you talkin about the guy with the crazy hair?

"Are you sure it wasn't all black and white and grainy?"

MetalxSoldier 26
cheer21moose 13

*whispered voice* but what if he's one of them?

Just think of the scene form teeth when the doctor got his hand cut off by the girls thingamajig. Just imagine the teeth from behind. Such..... Destruction it could do.

21 I think we both know that thingamajig is a much more mature word than VAGINA. Wouldnt you say? ;).

Sorry, I should have known better. I'll try to keep my childish impulses under control...

The first time I saw it was with my mom. THAT, is messed up.

After I saw the movie I checked if my junk was still attached to my body.

23 - No, it's not. A ****** is no more than a part of a female's anatomy, and no less than that. Unless you're around small children, why try to keep it under wraps… so to speak

ripresno 10

76- If you think that a ****** is "no more than a part of a female's anatomy",I have to say I think that you might die a virgin.

lukep135 6

I personally like to imagine a fat redneck stroking my rectum during prostate exams, but to each his own

OhDearBetrayal 25

A much better mental image indeed.

It's no big deal. It's just some complete stranger fingering away at your butt hole. .

jrgr 6

Lol this made my night. xD

It made your night to have a stranger fingering your hole? Fair enough.

That would just freak the hell out of me imagining an aliens hand in my rectum

Epsilonyx 15

E.T. just wanted to phone OP's home. No big deal.

He was only trying to help OP! But you didn't have to think about it. He just suggested it.

soldiat_fml 17

True, but once it's been mentioned, I imagine it'd be hard NOT to think about it.

MEM0817 18

That's when you save what's left of your dignity, clothe up, and walk the hell out.

FMLshark 12

That's much better. This must be the same doctor who told his patient to imagine it was Angelina Jolie.

These are the same guys that don't understand why some girls don't enjoy anal. Yeah, aliens are all up in my ass!

Girls don't enjoy anal?!? Your boyfriend doesn't pay you enough...

I would've walked out of there right then.

The only way out is to run towards the light at the end of the tunnel in time!!