By Lolaa123 - 25/09/2011 04:03 - United States

Today, my 5 year old daughter told me that I needed to stay 50 feet away from her at all times when we were at school, mostly because I didn't hang with the cool parents. FML
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Well shit, go chill with them cool parents.

And she's only five? Imagine the teenage years.


Well shit, go chill with them cool parents.

LiyIa_fml 8

What do 5 years olds know about 'cool parents' anyways?

SmallyBigs 9

You'll be really cool when you tell her she has no ride to school.

MizzErikaHart 8

They're not, sorry.

LiyIa_fml 8

Aw, thats cruel! She could get lost or something :(

kaykay10xo 0

I was most deffinetly one of those kids that cared about which parents my mother hungout with. It's funny now that I look back at it.

enonymous 8

Obviously you're going to need a big bag of weed and make a peace offering to the cool parents social group. If you bring munchies they will love you too

Joshoa123 16

Shes not aloud to be around you until she hangs out with the cool kids. it goes both ways!

All the 'cool' parents are usually douche bags.

kcircuses2 4


Lmfao! I agree xD Get your ass over to the cool parents!

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enonymous, one more comment until you have 1000. Make it special.

iluvboobies 9

Awww, the beauty of the public school system, where they'll teach your child to be a superficial drone-member of the consumerist society with an empty soul. Yay! Congrats, OP!

I bet you can't wait for her to be a teenager !

Wow... How did society fall apart to the point where parents are supposed to follow orders from their kids. My advice OP: I hear that a pillowcase with a few oranges doesn't leave any bruises...

yeah i heard that too... you use a sock though, its easier to hold. you dont hang with cool parents? her clothes all got ruined in a tragic accident. ask her what clothes are uncool. shame, thats what she's getting.

Emo_Girl01 0

Ikr.. Lol

Where did she learn that? Honestly tv teaches kids the weirdest stuff.

She learned it from the other kids.

Probably. I know I always thought my parents were the cool parents. I still do.

LiyIa_fml 8

Same, my parents are amazing. I had my dad walk me into class each morning until elem. School ended.... Middle school wouldn't allow my dad to come with me :( lol

shit man life teaches that dude maybe it shouldnt to a 5 year old

Stupid school policies hu?

I was so embarrassed of my dad growing up because he would always blast classical music on the radio on my way to school. Now, I love it. Wolfgang kicks ass!(:

When I was a kid, I believed my father was the strongest and richest of all fathers!

The Regular Show. Yeaaaauuuh!

MizzErikaHart 8

Maybe you should hang with the cool parents then.

kings1fan 6

If you can't hang you can't hang!

Do you want her to be shunned?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It would be useless trying to fit in with some of those retarded parents these days. I have a feeling they have more of a need to be attending school than the children themselves.

Senior29 8

uh huh, if they were that cool, then y r they always at a kids school?

@54 Why* are* ALL HAIL GRAMMAR!  

OLooks like 54 needs to go back to school himself ;)

And she's only five? Imagine the teenage years.

slushpup9696 12

When she's fifteen, you'll have to be 150 miles away! And in 131,999,995 years, you will be on the moon.

Spaghetti7 5

Please tell me you didn't just work that out.

Probably the power of the internet

There are cool and uncool PARENTS? At 5?! And why do i have a feeling the cool parents are asses?

Ops kid: mom ur not cool op: aww :(( Ops kid: yeh, the cool moms have big, frizzy hair, and pretty jeans that go up to there tummies, and there big and squishy like a giant stuffed Teddy bear Op: >:))

Her attitude now and later could be completely different...

DKjazz 20

Buy her and her friends some alcohol. Apparently that's what cool mean.

RabidBunny 10

Superficial at 5? That's not good.

Having the latest designer Pampers is the IN thing. Gosh, amateurs.

If you're allowing her to tell you what you can do and can't do at the age of 5, that's fucked up. When you walk her in to school, show the bitch and hold her hand & kiss her goodbye!

Glockinator 2

Kindergarten is a tough and defining year