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Today, I was picking up my daughter from my ex-husband's house and his new girlfriend was there. I called to my daughter that it was time to leave and she clung to his girlfriend and said 'Mommy, I don't want to leave.' She wasn't talking to me. FML
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By  wrestler_fml  |  0

it's a mixture of the dad telling your daughter to call her mommy.... the step-mom being a really good parent.... you not being there, like she is.... and you possibly also being a bad parent.

just letting you know :/

By  alex_vik  |  0

Wow, you must've really done something bad to make her not even want to be with you. Then again, you're divorced, so one of you did something bad.

  Bieber4TheWin  |  4

Some parents get divorced for the well-being of their children, like mine. If parents are constantly arguing and not getting along, putting their child/children in an unsafe enviroment then divorce is not a bad thing for the kid/kids. Yes, it may have negative effects, but the good could out-weigh the bad. Think before you comment.