By painfetish8021 - 17/09/2012 00:50 - United States - Winston Salem

Today, my boyfriend introduced me to his parents. My boyfriend is Japanese, and I wanted to introduce myself in Japanese so I'd asked him. Little did I know he'd taught me how to say, "Hello, I love your son's cock." I almost got kicked out of their house. FML
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hol18 5

Lol! If your boyfriend actually taught you that, knowing how his parents would react, reevaluate your relationship.

Thelnternet 7

^ because correcting a piece of text restores faith in humanity.


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dominic1221 6

You sound like you need it more than the OP.

The grammar Nazi in me cringes at your sentence.

*sigh* where do I begin? *Damn, *should have *Pirate Bay *Rosetta Stone. Hopefully this restores some faith in humanity.

Thelnternet 7

^ because correcting a piece of text restores faith in humanity.

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Thelnternet 7

^ because replying to a post implies that i am a dick

detroitsucks247 3

^Because ending a string of comments is fun.

^Because I agree with that guy

#32 you also missed that "damn", when used as a minor expletive, has an "n" at the end of it...the grammar (and spelling) Nazi in me is now sated

Rosetta Stone isn't very good anyway, even if you download it for free, and it's particularly bad for Japanese.

58 is kind of right, download pimslar (I think that is how it's spelled). It's good and you can put it on your phone and listen to it.

Konnichiwa, hajimemashite. (good afternoon, nice to meet you)

LiterOfCola 16

32: Correcting people's grammar is only for when you're the one to comment on it first. People already commented about 1's grammar, so it was unnecessicary for you to comment. It surely never helped to restore any faith to humanity, a phrase that has begun to enrage me as its so overused.

LiterOfCola 16

I don't know how I managed to spell unnecessary like that. Damn I was close to making a point haha

JustDerpin 11

OP should've just used Google Translate.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Wow, well done 1. You figured out how to use a torrent site. You've mastered the internet! God damn it, I hate noob kids who think torrenting makes you a damn pro at all things technical.

Woah, 113. Slow down. 1 is only a year younger than you.

LiterOfCola 16

124: I'm glad you laughed :) I actually like the Grammar Nazis, though, aside from the ones that think they're awesome because of it (32).

hol18 5

Lol! If your boyfriend actually taught you that, knowing how his parents would react, reevaluate your relationship.

Agreed. Although I bet he's still pissing himself with laughter over it.. It's the little things..

If you're reading this, stop reading the comments. The ones below this are going to make you lose whatever shred of faith in humanity you have left. Not including replies to this comment.

33- Why did you tell me not to read? I had to read!

Thelnternet 7

33, please stop posting comments until you can think of something better to type.

Someone punch 33 in his "fap-stick".

44's right. We are currently using a global network that humans have built, and posting stories and comments online that people all over the world can read. And yet whiny little fucks keep saying that they've lost all faith in humanity after reading the comments of a few idiots in this vast network.

33- So you're going around bashing minor grammar mistakes and acting all cool and intellectual while your own profile says you live in "fuck" and you "save hoes with (your) dick"? Please refer to my avatar for assistance.

Who has faith in humanity?

For the record, "captainsaveahoe" was the name of the OP of the FML where the guy knocked the girl over then caught her and got punched in his "fapstick".

This is why people hate hanging around parents. They ruins lives be either being dumb, mean, drunk, or something that makes you feel like dying of embarrassment or getting mad at the parent or from being scared and wetting yourself if you are on the other end.

Well put 44. Sadly though i do see more assholes now than i did 3 years ago (at the same job)...thats my observation, but regardless, its best just tolerate them and not play into it.

And you are the reason faith is being lost. Yes, you are a dumshit by your own words.

I'm not sure how that happened. Did he teach you for this sentence on purpose? Did he want you to say this to them? Also, didn't you realize this sentence didn't contain your name? That's kind of a part of an introduction...

It was probably the BF wanting her to say it. And I'm sure that if you were learning a completely different language from the one you're dating you'd trust them.

Are you kidding 3? Just stop.

#3 she might have thought that her boyfriend taught her how to say "hello, I'm your sons girlfriend"...

true, didn't think of that.

And you couldn't introduce yourself in English why?

Ugh. Wait a second... Someone do me a favour: check to see if "50 Shades of Chimney" has been trademarked yet. There's a free chewed-up ballpoint pen in it for you.

8- you are my hero!!!

Alan is my hero!!!!!!

kittytub 12

Alan, you know you love all of us, dumb, tasty chipmunks included. ;) meow.

Haha your boyfriend has a great sense of humor. He just needs to apply it a lil differently. Don't be too hard on him ;)

tne201992 12

Are you kidding me?!!! Even if it was joke, it was immature for him to do that. His parents probably thought she was some whore at first..

I agree. hence why I put " He just needs to apply it a lil differently". I honestly wonder if anyone who thumbed me down read the whole comment or just read the line and went "omgzors, I can't believe he thinks that's funny."

This is why google translation comes in handy

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Google translate is a poor excuse for actual conversations though. "Hello, my name is so-and-so, how are you?" could translate to "Hello, *insert ridiculous word or profanity here* is name, how hot you are!" (obviously exaggerated) But yeah the point is, don't rely on Google or any instant online translator. Not every word in English is going to be exactly the same in another language. Buy a book, invest in a downloadable program, take a class or something.

I think if I were in OP's shoes I'd have trusted an actual japanese native speaker - not to mention bf- over any kind of translators.

Ummm, the point here is: she deserves it, as for in this time era of technology there really is no excuse for her to have not used something to check what she was saying or vice versa

30 - she never thought her boyfriend would tell her to say something that would offend his parents. That doesn't make any sense unless he is A. Trying to scare her away or B. 12

Japanese doesn't use a roman alphabet. OP woulda had a hard time popping that phrase into Google Translate anyway.

94-It's called kanji but it's not entirely phonetic. Plus OP could have just put in English and translate that to Japanese.

btstig 11

Lmao. Your old man is awesome.

Re-read the FML Chief.

Old man means boyfriend, too.

102, really...? That's kinda creepy...

Malkria 1

Love ops name... lovefetish8021 XD

Ignore this comment that was supposed to be deleted along with the comment it was meant to be a response to.

Thelnternet 7

you should of almost got his cock kicked out of the house

1) Uh, what? 2) *should have, *gotten, *.

Thelnternet 7

^ if you're going to correct me, then at least do it correctly.

Faelwyn 3

*Got* is actually perfectly acceptable, 45. Saying "gotten" is an American thing.

The proper term is "should have", not "should of". Learn English, please.

I wonder if he thought that through.

thundergirl_fml 2

Apparently he has no intentions of the relationship going anywhere if he thinks it's amusing for the introduction to the parents to go so poorly