By pinky - 06/01/2010 18:12 - United Kingdom

Today, my 5 month old son decided that my lip ring was a toy. Thinking it would be ok, I let him touch it. He got his finger caught and pulled his hand back. The lip ring is still in, but now I have a huge gaping hole in my face. FML
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Ummm, anyone with kids knows that jewlery and kids don't mix well...

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Ummm, anyone with kids knows that jewlery and kids don't mix well...

He does now obviously. Everyone has to learn at some point. He probably thought he wouldn't be able to get his finger in it, or that he wouldn't be able to pull that hard.

You deserve it, totally, you must be a teenage mother to think your child could be trusted like that....You're just lucky he didn't rip the ring right off of your lip.

It's just common sense! Kids like to pull and touch stuff, why woud the op think that her lip ring would be safe? The baby is five months, not a newborn, so the op should know by now that a child that young will pull at anything that is shiny. So op, ydi

YDI for letting him play with it and then, trying to pin the blame on him.. "Today, my 5 month old son decided that my lip ring was a toy." Of course, he thought it was a toy.. Why kind of idiot mother would allow a baby to play with anything that wasn't a toy.. And, who cares about the huge gaping hole?.. You can redeem your ugliness by getting a few more peircings.. HOO-RAY 4 piercings! They make me look responsible.. XD

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I have 8 facial piercings, and my 5 month old couldn't care less about trying to grab them.

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eww facial piercings are scummy

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And you deserve it if he/she rips your face apart because of it. You have to know the risks that come with marring your body: the possibility of permanent scarring and disfigurement.

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Yep, I've heard this same story several times, involving earrings. Why would a lip ring be any different?

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why would u wear a lip ring in the first place?not very attractive even more so u have a gauged one ta boot lol

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Ya. You should not have a lip ring, with a five month old. You have a kid, be more mature!!!! Have some dignity

wtf is your problem! Lip piercings are amazing! Although only on some people. i'm going to take a wild guess and say you are not one of them :)

You're close minded & stupid. Just because YOU don't like lip rings doesn't mean other people can't. Get over yourself.

Because someone has a piece of jewelry they find beautiful, it makes them immature & a bad parent? Yeah, no. Grow up.

don't judge. it looks really good on some people. and anyway it is her face.

Why did you think it would "be ok?" Have you ever been around a child before? It's not like he knows he's not supposed to do that. You have a lot to learn.

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u know this is pretty stupid. I don't understand how dumb shit like this gets posted and my good shit don't. eff ur life

Seriously? Wtf is wrong with you that you thought it would be ok? I never let children touch my glasses, let alone my facial piercings. You're lucky your lip wasn't ripped open, but you still deserve it.

Mmmk dear before you begin calling people trailer trash that you have never met you may just want to learn to read a little bit...MONTH and YEAR are different words. Plus if a 5 year old kid ripped on someones lip ring knowing this site the comments prior to years all would have said smack the kid, and thinking that the kid is 5 years old and doing that and you not questioning THAT but the lip ring itself says nothing positive in regards to your logic and reasoning skills

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This is looking weird huh. Comments are messed up again

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#31 are you by any chance Mr. Mackey?

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"the comments prior to years"... wow learn to write before you criticize my reading abilities. and i dont care if the kid is 5 months old, 5 years old, or 5 days old! having a lip ring and a child of any age is still trashy.

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totally agree. trashy all the way

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Shoot sorry Gabby meant to like your comment!

You know if she could just tell the future she probably wouldn't have did it. It is a baby there are things that they need to explore and probably as a new mother she needs to learn new things too.

There is no doubt that you absolutely deserved that.

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I hope you were able to get that huge, gaping hole shut. The human race will be better off if you got a different huge, gaping hole in your body permanenty shut.

Lip rings are trashy...lose it you dumbass!!!

YDI for having a 5 month old and a lip ring

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I would disagree...I like them

& people who are as idiotic, close minded & rude like you are trashy.