By noluckwhatsoever - United States
Today, after months of job hunting, I got a call back for a position. I was outside at the time and had no pen or paper available to write the address down. I told the guy to call me back in 5 minutes and he agreed. It's been 3 hours and still no call. FML
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By  Jewelofagal  |  2

Big mistake asking the employer to serve as your personal secretary. You should have offered to return the call to him and not asked him to make yet another call to you, this time on your timeframe. Don't expect to get the job.

  Reyo  |  2

I'm wondering why #2's advice wasn't automatically thought of, and enacted by the OP ten minutes after telling the guy to call back in 5.

  StaticDown  |  0

Does he have a number? but since he applied, I'm assuming he does but maybe, just maybe he doesn't have the number. I remember applying for a job once and had a missed call and when I called back, the number was the main secretary number and she said she had no idea who called me (there are extension numbers and I didn't know the right one) so it sucked and I missed the call. I was later informed cause I didn't answer that someone else got the call and job.

By  z3r0nline  |  0

damn unlucky but u gotta admit it doesnt sound very professional that he he has to call u back anyway call back the company im sure u remember tht name

By  Laiaira  |  0

Why didn't you just call him back? I assume you were on your cell because you were outside... most (all??) cells have history and caller id. Unless it was a private number. And then, that sucks. ... But... don't you know the company's name that you applied for? Be proactive. Call him back.

  lenasaur  |  0

I often walk around in the woods without pens or paper where there are no stores i could duck into, with my cellphone and no "lipstick in my purse" (i neither wear lipstick nor carry a purse). There are a lot of places OP could have been where there was no way to write it down :


Most cell phones have a notes feature where OP could have put adress/phone number or any other information the potential employer needed to give them, instead of expecting the employer to call you back to offer you a job at a better convenience for you....