By Anonymous - / Thursday 29 March 2012 16:53 / United States - Houston
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By  moosemonkey1000  |  6

Daddy issues? I can help you get back at him.

  amanda_d95  |  8

Well that's unfortunate

  Cad6  |  24

Aww, sorry OP. Have you tried calling him? If he was gone for so long, you must have reported him missing to the police right? I mean seriously, the guy has to be SOMEWHERE. The only other explanation for this is that he's a ninja.

  porp1  |  4

Today, after slaving for 11 years on the perfect Halloween costume for my beautiful daughter, I come home to find that they have moved. Twice. FML

  Bluedog42  |  7

Good God! Best comment EVER!!

  skitzofunia88  |  8

So I'm sorry that you had that happen to you OP. But no offense, it's been 11 years, move on. Having something like this happen to you should ultimately make you a better person. Do you plan on having a kid in the future and abandoning him/her like you're father did you? I'm guessing no. Move on, you ARE better person than him.

  iilovecokee  |  6

Is your advice based on your own exprrience of being abandoned by a parent? You shouldn't tell others how to feel and maybe she is a better person because of it. That doesn't mean she doesn't feel unwanted, abandoned, lonely and still searching for answers.

  ZooMzy  |  9

175 - Because the OP family moved twice since the dad went costume shopping. That poor man, spending his hard earned cash on a costume for his daughter and now probably searching the ends of the planet to find her for 11 years now. How inconsiderate of the OP!

By  Strafeh  |  9

Ummm. How did you never realize that?

  pancakerocks  |  1

maybe he just didnt want to think about the chance that his dad really isnt getting him a costume, and is never coming back.

  downtime  |  12

36, It saddens me that everyone assumes that the guy ran out on the family. It's just as likely he was a victim of some tragedy, and I know many people here would feel like complete assholes if it did turn out that they just jumped to conclusions. You should probably avoid condemning him unless you're really sure you know what happened...

  dsypher  |  0



154 - Ever thought that maybe they were told by someone and she just doesn't want to talk about how he passed away?


193 - I get where you are coming from but that sentence could also be used if OP's dad died. And thing is this fml, no matter how sad it is, is vague. All we know is that the dad is gone. Is he dead? Maybe. Did he abondon his wife and kid? Maybe. It is all speculation and only OP knows the truth.

  downtime  |  12

154, I don't think it would be necessary to state what happened to him. It's an FML because hes gone, not for the reason for leaving. There are several possibilities that fit within the story given, it doesn't take much brainpower to process that. While it is more likely he ran away I wouldn't be saying shit about him or the situation unless I was completely sure, apparently you would rather just jump to a conclusion and stick with it.

  GMS1  |  7

Don't feel bad...that must be one Halloween costume!

  alwaysrunnin  |  3

That saddening moment.. Where I try to hit your life sucks but hit ydi. I promise I didn't mean it, this story's heartbreaking); maybe other people had done that too, idunno

By  idontknowyou123  |  0

Better late then nev- oh wait...

  nado13579  |  12



The ghost theory works exceptionally well, quite possibly being the reason the family has moved twice since the father left. They think it's a real ghost haunting the houses they have lived in, when all along, it's only been the Dad trying to get their attention to help him get the ghost costume off... I know OP said nothing about hauntings but that's all I've got. And I'm sorry OP, if your Dad isn't a ghost and really just left for no reason, he's an A-hole!

By  guskaufman62  |  1

Maybe he's coming this year, but just waiting for Halloween this year. Missed it 10 times already

  l0v3p4in  |  7

We don't know how old OP is. She could very well be 29 years old and could have been 18 when her father left. Yes, it may seem odd for a father to buy a costume for an adult child; however judging by the vast majority of the FMLs posted it's quite plausible.

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