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Today, I started taking my anxiety meds. Without them I can't function because I'm constantly fighting off panic attacks, but with them I can't function because I get crippling headaches and heartburn and feel tired all the time. FML
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Ask for a different prescription, sorry OP

Sorry OP. Maybe try consulting with the prescribing doctor for an alternative solution


From a doctor though.... I've personally found drug dealers to, well to put it bluntly; they're very bad at medical advice usually....

hey op, just a suggestion try working out and getting fresh air that can help with anxiety

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#76, you must not understand anxiety. OP seems to have it worse than just your general anxiety that everyone gets. I have it as well and I'm on 3 different meds for it. Trust me, I've tried it all, from yoga and excersize to meditation. There's a point where your anxiety makes you feel hopeless, like nothing will ever work. And the only sympathy you get is from people who have no clue what the **** they are talking about.

While it doesn't eliminate the need for medication, exercise can definitely help. I have severe anxiety and am on medication but exercise always makes me feel even better!

Fact: anxiety is the most common mental illness. It's crippling for people who have it. Best way to handle it without medication is getting your 8 hours sleep, and eating regular meals (5 a day) and avoiding caffeine. I also quit smoking and having a routine in the morning helps too. A good rise will give you an easier to cope day.

CharmyJee 13

Ask for a different prescription, sorry OP

He/She could try medical marijauna. it helps alot of people with there problems

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maybe leave the med recommendations to the professionals #31 im kind of over stoners immediately telling the mentally ill to try pot with no proper knowledge of the person

I heard of medical marijuana helping people with pain (from personal experience of a family member - it does) but not with anxiety. maybe it could. its something that needs to be researched. also, from the personal experience, they take out the addictive part in the marijuana or most of it anyway before labeling it as ''medical''. its not only stoners that recommend it, it really helps

My friend tried marijuana for her anxiety and it screwed her up pretty badly. Apparently for some people it can increase paranoia and other symptoms.

Certain kinds make you more paranoid than others so it would only be a good option if there was a dispensary around with someone OP could tall to about different strains and their effects. Personally, it's been the best thing for my anxiety. A few times a week having a smoke and I keep calm. But I've seen other people have really increased anxiety and depression from smoking pot. Don't self prescribe this unless you talk to a doctor who knows what he's doing.

Hang in there OP I'm sure that they will figure out drugs with less painful side effects.

So you cant live without something you cant live with

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I have a friend who was diagnosed a few months ago and his doctor is still playing around with the meds and doses to find the best medication for him. I know it sucks but you need to find something that works for you. Tell your doctor that these meds aren't helping you out. Good luck op.

Yeah it took several months for my doc to figure out the right dosage for my bipolar and it's a real pain in the ass to get it right and fight through the side effects but it's worth it in the end. Good luck, OP.

Sane here, it took about a year before my psychotherapist got the cocktail right for my anxiety and depression. It sure was a rollercoaster ride for that year as he wanted me off all the medications (have them out of my system) before switching to another one. The side effects can be crazy; I had one that have me morning sickness! That might've been fine were it not for the fact that I'm a guy!

It took two full years and a dozen different drug attempts to get my bipolar meds/dosage right; two decades later, I'm on my *fourth* year of trying to get epilepsy/migraine meds right. WTH: Aren't doctors supposed to be scientists, instead of just randomly throwing things at you to see what sticks? But #35 is right: It's all worth it in the end.

Everyone is different, if there was a magical cure all we wouldn't have an issue. Depending on the person, certain medications might have side effects, like the FML is about, that occur while others are fine on it or might not even work for some. And then you have to find the dosage that works. Doctors aren't scientists, they're medical professionals, and I highly doubt a scientist could give you what you need right away either. Different bodies react differently to different things.

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@105 Morning sickness sucks for everyone.

Sorry OP. Maybe try consulting with the prescribing doctor for an alternative solution

See if you can get different Meds OP, I hope that they can find one for you :(. Just try your best to hang in there until they do, best of luck to you!

coffee, tums and tylnol, unless that would cause problems with your perscription

Coffee's not the best for someone with anxiety...

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Sounds like you're in a world of hurt in many ways