By Well... fuck me sideways and call me Eustace - 31/01/2013 11:34 - United States - Riverside

Today, on my way to work, I hit a pothole about the size of Alabama, bending my wheel and flattening my tire. After changing it and having to explain myself to my furious boss, I went back on that road in my other car to take a picture of the pothole. While looking for it, I hit it again. FML
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Well, Eustace, I'd say i don't need to **** you sideways, you already did that yourself. But hey don't get all bent out of shape about it!


Considering its Derpy in the picture, i'm not surprised at the comments lack of continuity xD

Surely if you knew where it was, you would have been able to avoid it?

Especially if it was the size of Alabama I mean jeez...

But he was looking for it, which suggests he didn't know where it was exactly, although you would think something that size would be kind of obvious...

You would think that the pothole would be on the opposite side of the road, considering he hit it whilst traveling to work?

Well, Eustace, I'd say i don't need to **** you sideways, you already did that yourself. But hey don't get all bent out of shape about it!

OP's name is funnier than the actual FML. It's also almost as long as a pothole is wide...

"well paint me blue and call me Babe!" *takes out paint can and brush* "I'm serious!"

I wonder if he just embarassed himself for this FML or if there was a cartoon dog that made him look bad. -failed courage joke-

There is no such thing as a failed courage joke, that cartoon was the best :D

"Stupid dog!.You made me look bad! *ooga booga booga *":-D

After the first season, eustace and Muriel are dead and its all in courage a's a major mind **** but they die at the end of season 1 and we are never told how they come back

You hit Alabamy once again? Well I think it's a sin.

If you named your potholes with womens names it be more interesting.

perdix 29

Your other car? Why aren't you the boss? Or why do you have to work at all? Just sit back and enjoy your many cars, Mr. Howell III.

You don't have to be rich to have multiple cars... I'd rather have five 2,000$ cars than one 20,000$ car, though due to the over-regulation of the automobile industry the insurance on multiple cars would be Hell, but cars are like Pringles, one is just not enough.

dmoran20 27

Because he wanted to prove what happened on that 3 hour tour ;-)

Oh yeaaah thats a good idea, have 5 cars and pollute the world 5 times as much! Seriously, what would you do with five cars? I honestly can't think of anything. But perhaps thats my lack of creativity.

dmoran20 27

Lol 5 times as much? Last time I tried I could only drive 1 car at a time....

perdix 29

#39, yeah, but he's leave the other four running at all times. You never know when you'll hit a pothole and need one of the other ones. It would be cool if one of them was Kit who could come fetch Eustace when he got stuck.

Well maybe it's just me but I like to accessorize, I'll get vanity plates for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and since I have no life I don't even need a weekend car... Wouldn't that be cool? To each his own, I guess :P

mangoboy1 19

Some people need several cars when my dad was looking to lease a Mercedes e63 his concern was that he wouldn't be able to use it in winter due to it being rwd and too powerful so he decided he would use his Volvo s80 in winter and some cars aren't practical and don't make good daily drivers so you need a weekend car to take to the track maybe another if you do off roading and a daily driver

45- that's my thought. If I could ever afford an Italian masterpiece, it'd be the weekend car.

xStaciexLynnx 15

The point of 'you don't have to have money to own multiple cars' became invalid in your story as soon as you Saud Mercedes...

? We have 3 cars and 2 motorbikes and we're not rich. Pretty sure most houses have 2 cars

I hate potholes! Luckily where I live, the potholes are the size of Rhode Island.

Your boss didn't understand or believe you? When I change a tire I generally end up with grease and tire crap on my hands. It's not like there's bathrooms to wash them on the side of the road, either.

TheDrifter 23

Keep a clean rag and a bottle of gojo in your car by the tire tools. It comes in handy more often than you'd think.

oh yeah we are in the same boat OP, welcome to my world. Try rolling on 255/30/zr24 and hitting potholes.Last year i had one set of rims welded on three times in the same spot. it was so bad i was force to buy new ones. if it aint my rims bending its tires popping.

You know you could just pay attention to the road and not drive over the potholes...

TheDrifter 23

Man, I run 30 profiles on the car too and I've gone through 4 sets of tires without damaging tires or rims. Maybe you and OP could take a situational awareness course together?

i do pay every single bit of atttention, but in traffic and in my area its hard to avoid every pothole. i did downsize my rims and tires i was rolling on 25's super skinny profile tires on 26's for a couple of months them are the ones i had to get welded on three times. I'm doing pretty good now... i slowed my ass down.

#24 my car is pretty comfortable i have an 09 chrysler 300c so its a big car with a good ride (especially on 24's). I dont think i will be down sizing my rims any time soon (if i can help it)

Well, if your tires & rims look like your profile's no wonder you're blowing/bending them..anyone who wastes that kind of money for "ghetto styling" wheels & rims...deserves to shmuck them up until they learn "there's no such thing as swag" it's just a ghetto term for compensating for having a small dick. Lol.