By OytoBeAfather - United States - Nesconset
Today, my 20-year-old son's external hard-drive stopped working. He's crying on my shoulder now, not because of the movies, porn, work, or music he probably lost, but because of the now irretrievable complete series of Digimon that he'd collected. FML
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By  06dopey  |  8

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  Docbee  |  11

Are you guys talking about Japan or North America?

Btw they're both completely different things so they're release dates won't affect the other ...

Except on sales in North America where a lot of people thinks digimon was a ripoff of pokemon before watching it.


Why? The Internet contains a near-infinite amount of porn, that is expanded upon by hundreds of hours each day, available anytime, anywhere, for free.

Cry over Digimon, 'cause that shit's irreplaceable

  mustafa_fml  |  0

See pokemon was good when it came to the first 150, and maybe the other new 100 but the fact that ash never aged, hated evolving his pokemon and never made 1st place just pissed me off. Pokemon has gotten stupid but the first 4 seasons of digimon stayed cool. I still like the first season the best.

  TheDog6  |  24

Pokemon has gone down the drain. They basically recycled old pokemon and revamped them so newer generations wouldn't recognize them. Digimon was by far better and I still can't believe they stopped showing it.