By OytoBeAfather - 16/05/2012 03:05 - United States - Nesconset

Today, my 20-year-old son's external hard-drive stopped working. He's crying on my shoulder now, not because of the movies, porn, work, or music he probably lost, but because of the now irretrievable complete series of Digimon that he'd collected. FML
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Well who wouldn't cry digimon is awesome.

yoursucklives 36

i understand him. it's like he lost his childhood.


Well who wouldn't cry digimon is awesome.

Digimon is the shit. I'd cry loads over a PikMin dying, so what about my data being erased. Anyone remember PikMin?

The complete first series is priceless.(:

It's possible to watch the entire series on the Internet. So there's nothing to cry about

TheRealOF 4

Dude! Pikmen on the game cube? Haha, it was the shit indeed,as was digimon.

TheCarChanel 0

I don't see why he just cannot go and download it again. There are plenty of places to get it from.

Zimmington 21

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Right now I am so lost I honestly have no clue what digimon is or whatever..

172- I'm guessing youre fairly young then

Wow, don't know digimon? Dang, that must've been a bad childhood, because if you missed digimon, you probably missed DBZ as well.

Damn. Different people are connected to different things. You should really support him before his hard drive gets corrupted.

I personally like how his mother implied she'd be more upset about ****.

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PInK_ExCiTeD 7

Bro if it wasn't for digimon pokemon would have never exist -.-

NoisyNykkii 10

10- 'Bro', Pokémon was released a good two years before Digimon....... get your facts straight.

10 Pokemon came out in 92 divining came out in 97 smh idiot .... Damn you beat me to it :(

Are you guys talking about Japan or North America? Btw they're both completely different things so they're release dates won't affect the other ... Except on sales in North America where a lot of people thinks digimon was a ripoff of pokemon before watching it.

all these thumbs down about Pokemon on this FML, I've never seen the nerds come out in such mass numbers.

Different people have their different interest

shanemc1991 0

Pokemon has been terrible after the first 151 Pokemon -___-

I like Digimon, so I don't blame him for crying. But Pokemon is even better. :)

PInK_ExCiTeD 7

Ok I'm sorry for not getting my facts straight -.- geez! I used to love pokemon when it first started then it got more stupider every season ...

Mister_Triangle 21

Why? The Internet contains a near-infinite amount of ****, that is expanded upon by hundreds of hours each day, available anytime, anywhere, for free. Cry over Digimon, 'cause that shit's irreplaceable

You can't replace ****. You always have your favorite video/picture(s).

Or you can make your own favorite picture/video with someone you know personally?! ;). Now that's irreplaceable.

Right 64, because you can't have sex with the same person in the same fashion more than once.

Not if they are dead 107. Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha

kosherbean 0

Um Here's a thought maybe you could **** one person and not be a scumhole

yoursucklives 36

i understand him. it's like he lost his childhood.

Why are people hating on Pokemon? I'd be expecting this above comment to be in the positives by the time i wake up

Michael_92 20

It's at -25 and its 6:15am...we shall see

AlexHD 4

I looked at your bio... Math is tha shit! 3.1415926535897932384633 1.772455832

>.> uh, well, I'm glad it's at +9 now? I liked Digimon too for the record but I always preferred Pokemon.

See pokemon was good when it came to the first 150, and maybe the other new 100 but the fact that ash never aged, hated evolving his pokemon and never made 1st place just pissed me off. Pokemon has gotten stupid but the first 4 seasons of digimon stayed cool. I still like the first season the best.

I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was...

Mustard, (Spoiler) Don't forget that ash won the orange league.

Pokemon has gone down the drain. They basically recycled old pokemon and revamped them so newer generations wouldn't recognize them. Digimon was by far better and I still can't believe they stopped showing it.

You just don't understand..its not easy going through that , especially all the **** :(

NoisyNykkii 10

Digimon is NOTHING to cry over. Pokémon on the other hand.....

Michael_92 20

still nothing to cry over....

kandi_kid69 15
wlddog 14

Someone needs to grow a pair and get a job.

I would recommend he grows a ******, since they can take a pounding. On the other hand, he had work on his flashdrive, so he probally has a job.

wlddog 14

Excellent point. A ****** does seem to suit him better. However, if he had a job he could simply replace his precious digi-whatever.

26, Maybe this is a silly question on my part, but what do you know about what having a ****** is like?

Someone needs to read the FML closely to prevent themselves from making a dumb comment. :)

His mother said he probably had files for work on that hard drive.