By Noname - 10/3/2009 18:52 - United States
  Today, me and my boyfriend had some crazy rough sex. In the process I ended up with huge bruises and bite marks all over my neck and chest. I'm giving a speech on domestic violence today. FML
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  Lazcouchtater  |  4

My GF at the moment is into that. She's slowly bringing me around to the idea, however, if she bites hard enough to make me what to yell or punch, I'll just clamp down on the nearest soft flesh near me. Strangely enough, thats enough to make her let go, and almost orgasm. Go figure. Two birds killed with one stone lol

  SofiaFaolan  |  8

No, she should wear her usual clothes and then make it part of her presentation as an example of what physical domestic violence can look like, then claim that it's costume makeup for the speech to anyone who asks.

  Kazze  |  31

#162 "The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the tiiiiime. The best kind of striped sweater? Turtleneck, that's the kiiiiiind."

I'm happy and disappointed in myself for knowing that by heart.

By  Danny_Shakes  |  0

Nothing like a night of drinking and waking up the next morning with a black eye and your dick in a cast. Turning to your girlfriend and she looks like she was on Cops the night before.

If that is not true love than what is? haha