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  MrSassypants  |  32

I have read so many "then just break with up him" comments from past comments that by "back up" I thought you meant getting another husband. I need to go back up my brain. It needs a reboot.

  RadikulRam  |  16

Hijacking the first comment to state that the deleted files could be recovered.

When a file is "deleted", it's actually taken out of view. It's still on the hard drive. A hard drive is not an empty box filling up with magic. The files get temporarily stored aside, until they are overwritten with something else.

Unless you wiped the drive with a secure erase, then it'll cost you.

Look into software like parted magic.

  badmandilon  |  19

You can try to take your PC to one of those experts that can get them recovered if not all of them at least some, just try to not do anything on your computer otherwise it would be harder to recover them.

  Dicebar  |  10

If you can, don't use the computer until you've gotten hold of someone to restore the files for you. That will reduce the chance of the files being overwritten.

  ohjoy15  |  33

That's true. Better than the pictures! I'm not a computer wizard or anything but isn't there some way you can take the computer to a specialist who might be able to locate and recover the pictures? Deleted files can sometimes be found again?

By  k_th0m  |  15

I feel like you are being sarcastic with the "no worries" thing.... Haha just giving you a hard time OP. Im sorry about that. Maybe a good lesson to always have a backup?

  PePziNL  |  20

No, ofcourse she isn't sarcastic. Who needs pictures of your wedding and kids anyways, when you still have selfies and pics of your dinner from last week?

By  Derpulous  |  15

Don't worry. Unless you really know what you're doing, nothing is deleted from a computer. Check your backup disk for them and if you don't have one then hire a computer technician. He should be able to get them back for you.

  Jazzalyn  |  10

#7 is right. You may still be able to retrieve your photos, even if they have been deleted from the Recycling Bin as well. Deleting a file doesn't permanently delete it, it just removes the pointer to the file. If this wasn't too long ago and those pointers haven't been overwritten, take your PC/laptop to computer repair place and they may be able to retrieve them. Good luck OP.

  Mauskau  |  35

Download a program called Recuva, you can use it to restore files that have been deleted, even from devices. (so yeah wiping a phone or SD card doesn't always save people from seeing your files). You can also get a program I used several years ago called Recover NTFS for the hard drive (assuming it's formatted in NTFS, but it comes with a FAT32 version). You don't need to pay anyone anything.

  gregory_08  |  2

#7 has it spot on! Get your computer to a tech ASAP - nothing is ever ever deleted there will be a "footprint" still in existence - you may not get all back but a good tech may well e able to!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

There are a lot of people that don't know much about computers, only the basics, and don't know to back up their stuff. Then there's also a huge group of people that know they should back up their stuff, but haven't gotten around to doing it seeing as it takes a while depending on how much stuff you have. At least half of the people that back up their stuff all the time do it because they have made the mistake of losing stuff and didn't have it backed up. No need to crap on op for it, hopefully she'll learn from her mistakes and it will make her smarter in how stuff is stored. Also, there's the possibility that she doesn't download the pictures and that's something her husband has always taken care of so she wasn't aware of what was or wasn't backed up.