By idiot - 30/10/2010 20:42 - France

Today, my son stuck coins in our DVD player. It would be cute if he wasn't 25. FML
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It doesn't matter about the age, it's still not cute.

Did he win a dvd?


hahahaha fyl

No op you're a dick! what's with this ageism! If he was 24 or 26 it's cute, but because he happens to be 25 it's soooo wrong!!!! You ****** dickface.


The hell's your problem bro? I only molested her with my tacos like 3 times!!! if you can't take the penis then go to India, they're smaller there!

hahah smart man

OP's 'man-kid' for a son has probably never been struck before. He has no respect for other people's possessions. This is both a FYL and a YDI.

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I can make Kay relax. Come here Kay, I have some candy for my very suspicious white van...that has "Don't come in this van or else I'll rape you" written in big letters on the side of the van...

Okay WTF??? I got moderated for what? Oh-gracious-moderators (sarcasm) where did I go wrong? -.- Besides... didn't kay cursed? Yet he didn't got moderated. I think you should get fired! ..|.. (-.-) ..|..

KingDingALing 9

Oh ok, good. Then it won't be considered rape. Get your ass in this van! :p

KingDingALing 9

Oh ok, good. Then it won't be considered rape. Get your ass in this van! :p

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hahaha op, I love the way you worded this xD

sigh. I wish the comments wouldn't get moderated so quickly. I always wonder how the conversations went down :/

Holy moderated comments.

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^ ...Batman.

Did he win a dvd?

haha :]

If he won a DVD this story would not be on FMyLife.

It would if he won Death At A Funeral.

drawing_a_blank 0

Or Daddy Daycare.

It wouldn't be if it's the English version of Death At A Funeral.

It doesn't matter about the age, it's still not cute.

n3rd43v3r 10

But what if he was 24? I think it would be cute then.

Nah, it wasn't cute when I stuffed mini powdered donuts in the VCR when I was three..

what's not cute is living at home when your old enough to drink. I am sorry but if OP is going to allowed their son to live like a child, hes going to act like a child, push his ass out of the nest like a good mother bird! Until then, YDI

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awwww, glad to know he still lives with you! I'd have kicked him out by then!

ohthebloodygore 16

It doesn't say he lives with OP. He could have just been visiting.

The Joker is my boyfriend

KiddNYC1O 20

simple. kill the batman!

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Wanna hear how I got these scars?

Karnezar 2

Why so serious?

Was he drunk...?

tmmundy 17

I was going to ask what kind of drug was he on? what a dumb ass!!!

what was he thinking was h mad at you or smt??

Smt? Are you too lazy to type something, or are you too stupid to know how to spell something?

FFML_314 11

I think she's just stupid.

Is that what that means? I thought she was talking about smut. Because apparently vowels are overrated.

42 - I thought that's what that meant too. If you're going to shorten "something," at least make it somewhat legible, like "smthing," or "smthin." Or just don't shorten it... I don't know...

i used to do this...but then i turned 5.

I used to do this too, but then my mom yelled at me and posted on FML about it

Then you must be around 12 now as DVD players arent that long around. Also i once made a paper dvd out of an A4 needless to say the player wouldnt open anymore.

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25 @ home? What's wrong with this picture? Kick his f**king a** out!

so it would be cute if he wasnt 25?

ohthebloodygore 16


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So if he was 37 it would be cute?

I don't know, what do you think? -_-