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Today, my external hard drive broke. My husband tried to fix it, and the computer told him he needed to format it. Apparently he didn't know what formatting does, so he did it. I'm a wedding photographer and had a full summer of unfinished wedding photography on there. FML
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it's savable!!!!! don't do anything else to it and google how to recover data!!!

If your husband doesn't know what 'formatting' means, why was he the one attempting to fix it? Also, as you had important files on there, it might have been worth calling someone who was paid and qualified to do it. And this is what backing up is for.


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I agree with 12, 7s m is an idiot

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I agree with 14, I agree with 12 that 7s m is an idiot

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I agree with 12, 14, 26, that 7 mom is an idiot

You should've put everything on a backup disc if it was that important. YDI

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YDI for relying on your husband for technological issues when your career depends on it. Not to mention it's just plain stupid to not backup your files.

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I agree with 54. we abstain.

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you left your career and all those peoples memories on one computer (knowing they glitch all the time) without any kind of backup? YDI. but F the peoples lives who trusted you with precious memories.

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I agree with 51,26,14 and 12 that 7's an idiot.

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I agree with kanye west. George bush hates black people.

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I think OP's husband works at BestBuy

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7 so not knowing computers makes you an idiot? so I guess 70% of the world is idiots then

well he's more of an idiot for doing something that he didn't what it did

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but not as big of an idiot as your mom!

70 is right. You're irresponsible and unprofessional. Change the business cards to "unprofessional photographer". Be sure to provide prompt, full refunds. You should have the money from skimping on equipment and expertise.

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that makes me an idiot than.. 7.. but ops hubby is kind of idiotic for doining something wen he didnt kno wat he was doing which shows hes too lazy to figure it out.. dont feel bad 7 ur not an idiot

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so op take your external hard drive to a REAL computer expert, and they can try to rebuild your data. it will be expensive. the data is still there, but there is nothing "pointing" to it. good luck!

no you are the idiot. no wait, she is the idiot. no you, no she… you both are idiots!

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102 And you've never made a mistake??!

128 Everyone makes mistakes. But most of us that make mistakes don't have our careers riding on those mistakes. She should have taken it to a proper professional technician. If that were me, I wouldn't have even trusted myself to fix the damn thing. he's exactly right. she is unprofessional and deserves whatever she gets. Don't give me that "but everyone makes mistakes!" garbage. It's a cop out.

you can still get your data back, as long as you don't start writing new files on the disc that was formatted.

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YDI for not having a back-up. i have like 3 backups of everything in my computer.

OP, you!'re an idiot. You obviously knew how "smart" your husband is with computers, and you still let him "fix" your external hard drive? And to everyonr going "make a backup, stupid OP", an external hard drive is usually the backup. The files should be on a computer's internal hard drive. If they aren't, OP is an even bigger idiot.

why the hell would you want help from someone who doesn't even know what formatting is?

don't let them bother u , they r the idiots.

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Everyones grilling op fir not backing up her files. it was on an external drive. although I don't get why she had such a back log of photos. I'm sure most had to have been printed or copied to the clients already.

So? An external hard drive is not backup. Having data in two places means you have a backup. Don't tell me that's difficult to understand. I don't blame anyone for messing up with their own private data because they are too lazy to make backups. We all make mistakes, it happens. However for a professional photographer, knowing some basics about backups and putting in the effort to make sure the data is safe - that's an essential part of the job.

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You know there is such a thing as googling how to format the hard drive.

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Basically... I work for a small chain of computer stores.. and yeah in that case the greater majority of this world = idiots... NICE...

128 yeah, I have, just not one so easily preventable and so catastrophic to so many people and the core of my business.

FYL. shoulda taken it to the Apple store. they know what they're doing.

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41 did u read it it said it was backed up on the external hard drive

Thats horrible! fyl. i guess you need to find a new job....

not really, use easus recovery tool and it will bring everything back even after a format. I went through the same experience and used the tool and got all my assignements back.

Nooooooo I sent it first at the exact same time this is BS!

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it's savable!!!!! don't do anything else to it and google how to recover data!!!

That's true. Try Recova. But still, what kind of shitty wedding photographer only has one copy of important files?

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Seriously. This stuff is that important and you don't have at least two copies? YDI SO MUCH.

Exactly, if you format your hard drive, you don't delete the data itself, you just delete and create a new "register" that tells you where the data is located on your hard drive... i think.

correct! If you want to really blow you data away google 'boot and nuke'.

Agreed with SOMA. Even if OP just lost edits and has originals, there are too many easy ways to prevent this to not say YDI. You ought to have at least one hard copy (DVDs, memory disks, etc.), one web-stored copy, and whatever you need on your hard drive. That's just basic common sense, particularly when dealing with brides and weddings. On a personal note, S especially DI if she offers those black and whites in her packages-- the ones with a single object, like a bouquet, in color. Those need to go the way of that early 90's laser backdrop. You know, the one with the weird pastel-yet-somehow-neon pink and blue colors. Ugh!

Oh God. That was like, lesson 1 in my first year Photoshop subject. I wanted to punch myself in the face. I think around 90% of wedding photography I've seen is beyond tacky.

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ydi for being a wedding planner and ruining peoples lives

They said wedding Photographer not planner, they are two different things.

I have to say that sucks but you still kind of deserve it for not having the photos backed up some where else and also for letting your husband try and fix your external hard drive when he is clearly not qualified to do so.

Go to google and search for "Hard drive data recovery" and you'll see some sites that can help you out. All formatting does is remove the "pointers" to where the files are, not the files themselves. All your data is still there, you just need to get the "pointers" back. As long as your husband didn't do a zerofill or smash the hard drive against something you'll be ok. :)

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or open it. Or pull a strong magnet over it