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  RadikulRam  |  16

It can be very dangerous to pass on a computer. If you pass on a computer, wipe the HDD with 1's and 0's numerous times. Yes, pressing delete on your computer doesn't actually delete files, it makes them some what unavailable waiting to be overwritten.

By  zach205  |  24

That sucks, I am glad that it has never happened to me, I got a lot I would never want to lose. Some parents don't understand that you can't just magically transfer data without having the old computer around.

By  yerawizardlizzy  |  27

My parents took my old laptop to an electronics recycling day before I could transfer everything onto my new one. Granted, I had two years and was just lazy, but I feel your pain, OP. I was devastated. I've been able to recover my music from my old mp3 player, but the photos and documents are long gone. Major hugs from me, OP.

By  19990231  |  29

If she gave it away, it's probably to someone you know. Just ask for it back to (at the Very least) back up your files