By hannah - New Zealand - Timaru
Today, I woke up feeling ecstatic, because last night, my crush had told my best friend he likes me a lot. I sent him a text message telling him the feeling is mutual. A little while after sending it, it hit me that his confession had only been part of a dream. FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Is it truly such a terrible thing if your crush knows you like him? Nightmare is going a bit far. Either he likes hrr or he doesn't and know he knows where she stands. Nothing terribly wrong with that.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

WTF? Did I type that in my sleep or something? That grammar and spelling is shit.

"Nightmare" and "psycho" just sound so extreme for this situation. People get rumours wrong all the time. Just because she dreamed the part where he told her friend, doesn't mean she can't say a friend told her. Then she's not crazy; she just got misinformation. And that still puts her in the ideal spot of finding out how he feels.

  leeburns  |  5

65: I'm pretty sure 50 means that dreams are real as in you really hade them your not just lying about them but there not reality as in they didn't actually happen in real life so no your not getting shot haha at least not cause of your dream

  Jennielee  |  6

I was going to say the same thing. If it only says feelings are mutual tell him you texted the wrong person. Her crush won't nessasarily know what she's talking about.