By hannah - 15/09/2012 22:16 - New Zealand - Timaru

Today, I woke up feeling ecstatic, because last night, my crush had told my best friend he likes me a lot. I sent him a text message telling him the feeling is mutual. A little while after sending it, it hit me that his confession had only been part of a dream. FML
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Has the song...Dream a little dream of me

Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?

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When I want you, in my arms and I want you, and all your charms, whenever I want you all I have to do is dreeeeaaammm. Dream dream dream…

Oh em gee OP i know I always think my dreams are real too :( shit happens. Play it off you'll be good


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Is it truly such a terrible thing if your crush knows you like him? Nightmare is going a bit far. Either he likes hrr or he doesn't and know he knows where she stands. Nothing terribly wrong with that.

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64- but if she was going on about how the feeling is "mutual" when he never said anything in the first place, she may come off a little psycho.

It's a nightmare since she texted him rather than tell him in person.

87- not really. If she told him in person, there would have been no excuse, but it was a text so she can just say she sent it to the wrong person or something!

WTF? Did I type that in my sleep or something? That grammar and spelling is shit. "Nightmare" and "psycho" just sound so extreme for this situation. People get rumours wrong all the time. Just because she dreamed the part where he told her friend, doesn't mean she can't say a friend told her. Then she's not crazy; she just got misinformation. And that still puts her in the ideal spot of finding out how he feels.

She might have just texted him "the feeling is mutual" Or "I like you too" It might not have been so dramatic.

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I had a dream about kittens. I went to see some to buy yesterday... coincidence? I think not!

hopefully everything still works in your favor.

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Exactly. It could still work out in OP's favor.

you missed the 'ever' part if you were trying to quote the hunger games

no, you may not ask. permission to ask: declined.

Dreams are real. They just aren't reality.

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50- So you're saying I'm going to get shot in the head? D: b/c I've dreampt that numerous times

65: I'm pretty sure 50 means that dreams are real as in you really hade them your not just lying about them but there not reality as in they didn't actually happen in real life so no your not getting shot haha at least not cause of your dream

80- You just made my brain hurt. Please learn grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

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it isnt that bad, just tell him it was meant for someone else. it happens to me all the time. im sure hell understand.

If she had mutual feelings for someone else then her crush would think she wasn't interested. Think before posting young padawan.

9- Sometimes I accidentally send text messages to the wrong person too

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i mean i send people the wrong messages.

If the text only said "the feeling is mutual", then she could've played it off like that. It clearly was over the top or else it wouldn't an FML.

I was going to say the same thing. If it only says feelings are mutual tell him you texted the wrong person. Her crush won't nessasarily know what she's talking about.

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That's awkward. Maybe you should tell him about the dream.

OP's crush: "umm... yeea.... Uh oh, I'm breaking up!" *makes static sounds* *hangs up and never returns call*

That'll make it worse........... OP- "I had a dream where you said u like me." Yea, because that's not even more awkward!

He won't know what feelings, OP. You'll be fine. :D Maybe tell him you sent the text to the wrong person?

That could backfire if she wrote his in the message

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That could actually work in her favor, if they had the same name she'd be more likely to mis-text him

Wow, that's going to take some explaining, tsk tsk tsk.

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You're a ******* loser for a) thinking that and b) posting it on fml.