By wotwzombie - 11/03/2009 18:22 - United States

Today, It took me over 3 hours to cut out little letters for an event I'm putting on. It took the wind less than a second to blow them all over campus. FML
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hahahaha, well at least u got the word out :D

That really blows.


hahahaha, well at least u got the word out :D

was that a pun? because if it is, it's funny. :)

The janitor will be the most educated about your event. lol

#2 you look like one of my best friends

paper weights!

What # 3 said or do it inside the building.

YDI Op, use paper weights or close those damn windows...

Next time do it indoors.

thats why you should always have a spare set ;)

Might be easier to just use a printer...

lmao @ #1, 2, and 7, though i don't know if 7 said that intentionally:P

that would piss me off so much. stupid wind.