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Today, my 18-year-old boyfriend freaked out and kept asking me if I was sure I wouldn't get pregnant, because I forgot to take my birth control pill last night. We didn't actually have sex; he apparently thought me simply missing the pill would magically get me pregnant. The hell? FML
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crackyeggy 9

If you had sex this week it's possible. Sperm lives in the body for a lot longer than you'd expect.

Sex education was lost on this poor soul


Sex education was lost on this poor soul

Merylwen 24

The boyfriend is sort of right. She can get pregnant if they had sex in the past week (unlikely but possible). They should probably also avoid having sex before her next period.

Subject_13194514 8

I wonder if it's too late to give him "The Talk".

AtherSheep 15

Well, you can have sex at any point point. Doesn't have to matter if it's before or after the period, it's when the woman is ovulating. Then you have to be wait.

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Are you asking a question or is "pill" an acronym I don't know about? Does it stand for pugs in llama leggings? Because it should.

nonsensical 26

Now I really want some llama leggings...

crackyeggy 9

If you had sex this week it's possible. Sperm lives in the body for a lot longer than you'd expect.

Was looking for this comment! ..And everybody think he's the dumb one.

The leaflet will tell you what to do if you miss pills. One is normally fine, plural in a month and you should use other protection. It's a continual effect, doesn't magically stop working if you miss a day. You also don't take it 7 days a month which, again, fine.

11 you didn't have to look far! Only 3 comments.

To be exact sperm can be active inside anywhere from 48-72 hours

um sperm only lives for 24 hours inside the uterus...

ribx 16

One missed pill wouldn't let you get pregnant, but if you miss two or more the advice is to abstain for a week

Pregnancy can take place a day before to two days after ovulation. Sperm can survive for 24-48 hours after ejaculation. Therefore, you could have had sex a few days ago, missed a pill, and have a possibility of becoming pregnant. It isn't very likely, but still possible.

countryrose92 23

Trust me... Missing ONE pill and having sex with can get you pregnant. I have a 2 year old to prove it. Yay 99% effective methods!

Sperm can live for up to five days in a woman's body, & while missing just one pill doesn't increase your chances of getting pregnant by a lot, it does increase it by a tiny bit

Sperm can live inside the woman for 5 days so I wouldn't be too sure if I was you

AtherSheep 15

Active, but they can live in the womb for up to a week to two weeks.

AtherSheep 15

Wrong, sperm can live up to two weeks depending on where it is sitting.

Some types of birth control pills need to be taken everyday at the same time or else you are very likely to get pregnant. My birth control isn't as bad as long as you take everyday your good, but I've missed several days before and never got pregnant. Maybe my husband and I are infertile, one can only dream ^_^

Actually not true, it also depends on the hormones used in the pill she is taking and how strong it is. There are some out there that you litterally have to take them at the exact same time everyday or you could be at an increased risk. And I believe sperm can live in the body up to five days. So he is not that crazy to be concerned, especially if kids are not something he wants wants. However if he is that concerned he should probably be using his own protection as well.

This is 100% incorrect. Sperm can survive up to 73 hours after ejaculation.

Allornone 35

well, since she's actively taking steps to avoid it, I doubt she plans to at this point

At least you don't have to worry about him trying to have sex if you ever get off the pill

Now is the time to put the fear in him!

i guess he doesnt really know how the pill works and there are things called condoms just saying.

MasterTron 24

Condoms are not 100% effective though

no one said they were, neither is birth control. are you saying not to use them? >_<

Sounds like he needs the crazy happy pill.

Just because you didn't that day doesn't mean your not. If you have at all recently not taking it could affect it.