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#84 if you find religion hilarious best keep it to yourself. It's not polite to infringe upon other people's beliefs so long as they do not infringe upon yours, or use their beliefs to try to infringe upon your rights. Being atheist doesn't mean you're more enlightened if you're a bigger dick about it than fundamental Christians.

  speckledots  |  29

My friend actually got pregnant and was still a virgin. You can get pregnant while messing around. All the sperm has to do is get on the vaginal wall. Penetration isn't necessary.

  baby4mommy  |  27

Even before fully aroused a small amount is often discharged and can remain viable long enough to be transferred by hand with a small but still significant risk of pregnancy. This kind of information is why abstinence only education is so dangerous.

By  L2U7A_E5I9A2E8H  |  20

Is your sister's name Mary?

  Palirose  |  22

They shouldn't. If anything anyone who can't even afford to take care of themselves shouldn't be having sex in general. Especially if you have no means of taking care of the child. If you can't understand to use a condom. Then you're not old enough or mature enough to be doing the deed.

  NessaMae  |  19

I don't see why your daughter is even bothering with lying. She's trying to play you for stupid, but obviously you're not. I'm not sure what she was thinking stating she was a virgin, when clearly the evidence she's not is growing inside of her uterus.

  Chris93Jones  |  20

There's two sides of the coin. if the parents are responsible and can take care of it without being welfare mooching dropouts, more power to them! If not, don't have kids. in the end, it's none of our business, and what they do is their choice.

  Rishima  |  8

I think he's saying the new Jesus would take them. You know Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, she ended up following him around, and he did drink a lot in the bible...

  ThatsMyPie  |  20

@111 Look, bitches, OP is from Egypt. It's not society's fault at all considering THAT BEHAVIOR IS FORBIDDEN. It was the daughter's fault entirely.

Have sex as a teenager is fine. Who cares? Biologically, TEENAGERS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE KIDS. Unfortunately, economics and conventional ethics condemn it.

It's fine to have sex. Just use birth control. I know it's still possible to get pregnant. If that happens, no big deal. Your life isn't over, it's just a very large change.

  Nohman  |  14

@111 You're acting as if it is every teenage girl's goal to end up pregnant, which is a tremendous overestimation. Yes, cultural structures are important, but they do not determine outcomes, they facilitate or constrain them. Don't generalize on the basis of the behaviour of a few.

  bananabean16  |  2

The "proof" a gynecologist could offer (her hymen being broken) is not 100% accurate, since it could possibly be broken in other ways. The fact that she has been impregnated, however, is irrefutable, excluding divine phenomenon.

  carbivore  |  10

There is absolutely no way to prove if a woman is a virgin or not. Hymens aren't real, and "vaginal laxity" is no way to tell either. That's why 'virgin testing' in the Middle East is such a huge cause of outrage.

  tukies  |  28

I thought 11 had a good idea. I mean as soon as OP brings this up to their daughter, she would get all nervous, and decide to tell the truth.