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Today, my teenage daughter found out that she's pregnant, but insists she's still a virgin. Who does she think knocked her up? God? FML
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What about if she had been implanted with sperm? You know, something like that.

yey let's get a new jebus on earth! 'cause it went so very well the first time x)

This post does nothing but confirm the hilarity of God and religion.

82 Who in their right mind would implant a teenage girl with sperm? Smh

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What the ****. What mom would go on the internet after finding out her daughter is pregnant, and tell it to the world?

#84 if you find religion hilarious best keep it to yourself. It's not polite to infringe upon other people's beliefs so long as they do not infringe upon yours, or use their beliefs to try to infringe upon your rights. Being atheist doesn't mean you're more enlightened if you're a bigger dick about it than fundamental Christians.

I agree with #96. Maybe OP's dad hasn't had enough..?

She could of blacked out and got taken advantage of or date raped...

agreed. look at the gender symbol of course is the dad.

My friend actually got pregnant and was still a virgin. You can get pregnant while messing around. All the sperm has to do is get on the vaginal wall. Penetration isn't necessary.

#140 or the male could have an uber small penis like that FML a long time ago where her boyfriend's was to tiny and didn't penetrate enough

As soon as Sperm hits the air it's dead. It's not like you could wipe semen on the ****** and a girl gets pregnant.

152 I don't know what your high school health teacher taught you but that sure as hell isn't true..

sequels are almost always never as good as the original

Well, not this kids mom. But her dad on the other hand.

Even before fully aroused a small amount is often discharged and can remain viable long enough to be transferred by hand with a small but still significant risk of pregnancy. This kind of information is why abstinence only education is so dangerous.

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when they say you have the holy ghost in you I don't think that's what they mean

how is her teenage daughter having a baby going to go well?

Because she is the grandmother of GOD!

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They shouldn't. If anything anyone who can't even afford to take care of themselves shouldn't be having sex in general. Especially if you have no means of taking care of the child. If you can't understand to use a condom. Then you're not old enough or mature enough to be doing the deed.

49, a condom doesn't always mean that you won't get pregnant.

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Yeah I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have sex under 18, or something like that...

I don't see why your daughter is even bothering with lying. She's trying to play you for stupid, but obviously you're not. I'm not sure what she was thinking stating she was a virgin, when clearly the evidence she's not is growing inside of her uterus.

There's two sides of the coin. if the parents are responsible and can take care of it without being welfare mooching dropouts, more power to them! If not, don't have kids. in the end, it's none of our business, and what they do is their choice.

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Woop-dee-*******-doo dude. No one care what age you had sex we here to give our opinion to OP. Not ogle at your stupidity 182...

Everyone, hide your liquor and prostitutes!!!

Wonder if the OP is going to regret doubting her when his grandbaby starts changing water into wine!

18 why hide my liquor? Nothing says I can't drink and Jesus was able to turn water to wine. He may just turn it into even better liquor.

I think he's saying the new Jesus would take them. You know Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, she ended up following him around, and he did drink a lot in the bible...

What does society have to do with op's daughter getting knocked up? Stop blaming the world for everything that goes wrong!

#36, getting pregnant was her own damn fault. The TV shows didn't force her to do it, she made her own decisions so she should be the one taking responsibility for them.

It was society who allowed her to feel ok with what she was doing, therefore leading to her getting knocked up

A family friend of mine had to "console" a high school student who was crying in class because she /didn't/ get pregnant...

@111 Look, bitches, OP is from Egypt. It's not society's fault at all considering THAT BEHAVIOR IS FORBIDDEN. It was the daughter's fault entirely. Have sex as a teenager is fine. Who cares? Biologically, TEENAGERS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE KIDS. Unfortunately, economics and conventional ethics condemn it. It's fine to have sex. Just use birth control. I know it's still possible to get pregnant. If that happens, no big deal. Your life isn't over, it's just a very large change.

@111 You're acting as if it is every teenage girl's goal to end up pregnant, which is a tremendous overestimation. Yes, cultural structures are important, but they do not determine outcomes, they facilitate or constrain them. Don't generalize on the basis of the behaviour of a few.

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At least Santa tried to get her pregnant.

take her to a gynecologist and get proof she isnt a virgin?

You mean the pregnancy isn't proof enough?

The "proof" a gynecologist could offer (her hymen being broken) is not 100% accurate, since it could possibly be broken in other ways. The fact that she has been impregnated, however, is irrefutable, excluding divine phenomenon.

There is absolutely no way to prove if a woman is a virgin or not. Hymens aren't real, and "vaginal laxity" is no way to tell either. That's why 'virgin testing' in the Middle East is such a huge cause of outrage.

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Please tell us you were joking. You can't really be that ******* stupid

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Hymens aren't real? Guess my friend didn't really have her hymen completely covering her vaginal opening that needed to be surgically fixed

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So a females hymen isn't an actual body part, but a myth...? Please teach me more about what they didn't tell me in sex ed.

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The g-spot and clit are myths too. *Sarcasm*

I thought 11 had a good idea. I mean as soon as OP brings this up to their daughter, she would get all nervous, and decide to tell the truth.

#129- 1. Already stated. 2. You're so late.

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79 - a lot of people don't think the g spot is real, actually. Sex researchers don't all agree about it.