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Today, I visited my boyfriend's uncle's house for a party. His 8 year-old cousin started asking if I like penis, so my reaction was to laugh, spitting my drink on her and her new dress. She can't pronounce peanuts, and I can't visit anymore. FML
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Honest mistake. Kids say the funniest things some times and it catches you off guard.


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the little ***** at the elementary school will.

Not really. Depends on education, but some kids are surprising.

A 9 year old taught me the word "*****" when I was in 2nd grade. I'm positive somewhere there are 8 year olds who know a thing or two about the word "penis."

I agree with #10 You'd be surprised at what words kids know. I heard a 4 year old repeatedly say the F word & my 12 year old cousin lives in an environment where people are cussing so she does it too.

Why not? I said "ass" and "shit" when I was 3.

I used to ask people if they "baginas" when I was five or six.

My daughter is 7 and knows what a penis is. She has helped my babysit baby boys. She knows that's what makes boys boys and that vaginas makes girls girls. We haven't gotten into why people develop their sex organs, but I'm sure we will soon, the different chemicals that define your sex. We also don't use funny, pet names, we use penis and ******. I see no reason to sugar coat body parts..

In second grade, my friend taught me what oral sex was. :/

You need to learn how to control your bodily functions. Misunderstanding can happen, but that is no reason to spew the contents of your mouth everywhere. Much less on another person. Poor girl.

It was an accident. Sometimes something is so surprising or funny that people can't help but react like that if something's in their mouth. That's like telling someone to stop themselves from snorting if they laugh too hard

Wow, you're an ass. It was an accident. It was obviously a honest mistake.

It's not your fault for not being aware of her mispronunciation habits. Explain that to them and maybe it'll sort itself out. Good luck OP.

Honest mistake. Kids say the funniest things some times and it catches you off guard.

"You put the peanut in the peanut hole!" lol

When I was teaching at head start, a 3yr old asked me where I pee. I told him that was a question for.his dad and he responded "I know, you don't have a dick, you have a cooter and guys hump you" Turns out, his mom was watching port with him in the room. She got 302ed not long after.

Mathalamus 24

Nice job. Next time, try to confirm if this is actually what you heard.

How would you have liked them to ask for clarification with a mouthful of liquid? Fish speak? Telepathy? Charades? Let alone for them to stop themself from laughing when asked that without warning? There's also the fact that if OP hadn't spat out their drink they likely would have either choked on their drink or aspirated it due to the way that the chest and throat muscles spasm during laughter. It's more or less a built in reaction to expel liquids from the mouth of the body is about to either inhale or exhale air. Do you magically always know before beginning to drink that no one will make you laugh?

Clarify with whom? The kid? The same kid who had a problem saying 'peanuts' in the first place? That kid will end up in tears because they'll think you're making fun of them! Then go tell their parents anyways! How do I know? Something like this has happened in my family before.

Best FML! Last month, I had the producer of Bangbus come into my noisy workplace. Not knowing who he was, he asked if I liked corn? I didn't know that he actually said "****" and I when on and on about "of course! who doesn't? All but creamed. Etc..." :/