By Angry Mob - 01/02/2013 06:09 - Australia - Sydney

Today, most of my neighbours came to my house in an angry mob to complain about my dog barking. I don't have a dog. FML
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klol_fml 11

The neighbours must be barking mad if they think you have a dog.

Bark at them like it were you all the time.


klol_fml 11

The neighbours must be barking mad if they think you have a dog.

Maybe it's been full moon? ....

That can't be right, Teen Wolf still lived at home with his parents. Or he grew up, moved out and became..........Adult Wolf. Parkinson's doesn't affect him in wolf form.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

#1- Maybe the mob came after having have killed the dog and they just wanted to inform OP. "I don't have a dog.... Anymore."

Still trying to understand 41's comment…

Maybe you misheard. Maybe they weren't saying "Shut up your dog!" And instead saying "They took our jooooooooooobs!" "Dey tuk r juuuuuuuuubs!"

We know you can do better than that, Pleo.

Pleo thumbed down! What is the world coming to! Although in this case I can see why…

Rabble rabble rabble!

I don't think it's pleos life mission, or anyone else that has decent confidence, to please the fickle fml voters

It's nobody's life mission per se, but it CAN ruin your morning

Satoaoi 13

lol at southpark reference and lol at rabble rabble rabble

lol at your comment...

maybe you should get one. at least they'll be angry for a real reason, lol.

kourtnii_ 6

Or you could just tell/show them you don't own a dog..

Plus they would have new puppy, which is great because its impossible to have a bad day with a new puppy.

31, as long as it ain't a chihuahua, those little anklebiters are annoying :/ and fast.. And hop when they bark and fly backwards when they bite.

Could you define "ain't"? I'm not sure it's a word

Troll dog strikes again!

Bark at them like it were you all the time.

reborndarkangel 9

Time to get a Dog!

Maybe they just really don't like you and came up with some bullshit reason to come to your house as a mob. You must have really pissed someone off.

Time to start howling OP!

Bostern 29

Sounds like a 'ruff' encounter.

Howl he deal with it next time?

FFML_314 11

Take a shit in their yards.

And what would that solve?

Nothing, but it would funny as hell to see their expressions while/after you take a dump in their yard.

FFML_314 11

I didn't realize this was a puzzle? I wasn't aware that OP was trying to solve anything.