By checkthelabel - / Tuesday 26 April 2016 00:00 / United States - Fremont
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  SailorSolaris  |  42

I very much agree. That's why I told my boss at work that I'd rather not go into the sales department and instead just care for the animals as I have been for the past 2 years. That, and I'm afraid I'd scare off customers. I talk too much. ^^;

By  Khaleesi_26  |  30

And that is why learning to read is important. But then again, maybe she just didn't know her size? I still know it's not a reason to get angry at an employee, but it can be frustrating not knowing the size because of the different manufacturers stores use.

  izziebear  |  15

Even if she didnt know her own size its no reason to claim a dress is defective. She simply was blaming the store imstead of accepting the fact that it wasnt her size, many people do this when they are in denial of their weight gain.