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By Anonymous - 01/02/2013 07:01 - United States

Today, I actually considered my boyfriend romantic and deserving of an award when he didn't fart after sex. FML
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mega20913 8

all the comments above me are negative in votes...tough crowd this morning

Maybe giving him an award will condition him to not fart after sex, try it!~


reborndarkangel 9

give him an award in the form of a fart !

Maybe giving him an award will condition him to not fart after sex, try it!~

What? I often find the smell of skatole and dimethyl sulfide very romantic and touching on the heart, and even get very turned on by methanethiol and hydrogen sulfide! You just aren't living on the edge! Sew with farts can be a gas!

...those are the natural gases that occur in a fart, but what the hell is skatole?

skat is poop. hole is the hole poop comes out of lol. think......

perdix 29

#63, no, skatole is the chemical compound that makes shit smell like, well, . . . shit.

Lol some of the suggestions are ridiculous. These are some of the chemicals that maje up a fart.

You sound like this was one of your science projects in Junior high... ;-)

How did you get thumbed down pleon? Those elementary schoolers came out of school mad today, haw.

Satoaoi 13

I never knew teh chemicals thanks lol

he's a guy. guys do that. maybe you should stop complaining & enjoy the fact that you just got laid. -_-

MikeonFML 17

Girls can get laid anytime they want, it's no feat for them.

#9 - true but still. but my point is that i wouldn't be complaining about my boyfriend farting. it's really not that serious.

MikeonFML 17

Yeah I'd agree, nothing that can't be solved with a little communication, despite being hardly serious to begin with.

FFML_314 11

Guys can get laid anytime they want too. There are plenty of very desperate girls out there. It's just a matter of how low you're willing to sink to get laid.

MikeonFML 17

There's a dramatic disparity...if you're at a party, chances are you aren't going to leave to go find desperate girls you don't know. Girls on the other hand can always hook up if they want to. There are also more guys at 90% of parties. I know plenty of instances when ugly girls get with guys who have done much better, and almost 0 vice versa.

Maybe you should reconsider your low standards

15, the difference is even the most desperate girls have to be pursued; unless you look like Brad Pitt, girls aren't going to just come up to you. So for a shy guy like me, there's really no way I could just go out and "get laid," whereas even those ugly girls are going to have horny guys willing to pursue them. They just have to sit around and dress slutty and they can find a guy in minutes, if I sat around and dressed slutty all the girls would just run away! Oh well, I've matured enough by now to realize "getting laid" shouldn't be the focus of my life, so I'll be okay being alone until I find what I really want. :P

RedPillSucks 31

Who the hell wants to have sex with someone who does a noxious reverse belch afterwards? It ruins the moment when all you can think of is "oh, ooh. Here it comes". Let me tell you, some guys can put a skunk to shame.

Being of a certain gender is no excuse for being disgusting. If it's involuntary, maybe, but otherwise... just go to the bathroom or something.

FFML_314 11

Yeah, I stand by my comment. Clearly, none of you have ever been an ugly girl and more than that, a fat girl. There are desperate people all over the place. Men and women.

For the benefit of you both, digestive enzymes or simethicone may well be the best suited reward.

A simé thic one? Semi thick one? That wouldn't fix the problem, only recreate it ;)

Simethicone is a mild drug that reduces surface tension, but I'm sure I just missed out on your joke :P

Everybody farts, OP. It happens. "Romantic and deserving of an award" are going a bit far over something so insignificant.

Everybody doesn't fart right after sex. He sounds like a rude jerk

I didn't say right after sex, but if you have to then you have to.

facepalmtoomuch 8

Funny how you pay full attention to even notice that he farts every time after having sex.

Hard to not notice a fart, and when it ruins the mood, it sticks with you

How would you not notice? I guess you could cover your ears and plug your nose but that seems silly.

sex is a lot of exercise and exercise makes a lot of people gassy. just sayin

It doesn't make people gassy, it stimulates movement in the colon and peristalsically pushes byproducts of bacterial fermentation out, I'd hate if exercise itself made me gassy!

So is cancer. Just because something is natural doesn't mean you want it in your face.

Yeah, but farts don't make the habit of killing you.

Apparently some silent but deadlies smell like they might actually kill and are enough to evacuate a classroom.