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Today, while working at McDonald's, an angry customer called asking for his money back. Apparently we'd put 6 cheeseburgers in his bag instead of 5, he ate them all and now feels sick. FML
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Hello! Wow, was NOT expecting this to get published! Just to let you all know what happened in more detail, the guy came through the drive thru around 3am and ordered $80 worth of food. I must have either read the order wrong or counted wrong and put in an extra cheeseburger. When he called back, I picked up, and he verbally abused me for about 2 minutes about how he was feeling sick because of my ignorance and that I should have known better. When I gave the phone to my manager, she listened, then sighed and responded with, "you're an idiot" and hung up. Haha. He then came back and we had to call the police to make him leave because he was clogging up the drive thru. Unfortunately, we've dealt with worse people.

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'Murica. Wait, what?! Correction: 'Strailia.


Some people do just eat a lot, I know people that'd eat 5 or more British macdonalds cheeseburgers or bacon cheeseburgers, not sure if they're the same size everywhere mind.

I hope he gets explosive diarrhea for the rest of the week.

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Anyone can feel sick after just one…

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My friend and I eat about the same, each of course don't forget the large fries and soda...

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Yeah, I don't know about anyone. When you have a high metabolism, you can eat a LOT.

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#19 Ever found a crunchy bit while eating a McD's burger? When they tell you they serve 100% beef, THEY MEAN 100% beef. Toenails and all. Have a nice day.

That's not even that had compared to what I was reading of reddit yesterday. This obese guy who worked at mcdonalds used to eat 4 mcgriddles for breakfast, over 200 chicken nuggets throughout the day, 3 Big Macs, a litre of ice cream, 20 Oreos, and he'd sometimes do the orders wrong to eat them so about 5 extra burgers in there.

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My friends and I split 50 McDoubles and ate them over the course of 1 night (there was around 5 of us if I remember correctly).

I'm glad this is in a country other than America. The guy is an for all of them at once a bitching about a free burger.

Well your first sentence made sense. What were you attempting to say in the second sentence? O.O

I meant to put the word idiot between an and for. I can't believe I missed that key word.

Did you miss for EATING all of them at once? plus AND not A bitching about a free burger. I think you need another hours sleep!

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12 - Know what he means, not what he says.

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'Murica. Wait, what?! Correction: 'Strailia.

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How did this get down votes? It's how we mock it in Australia with saying 'Straya.

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Now that's a special kind of douchebag. Realizes he got extra food, knowingly eats it, and proceeds to bitch about it because he ate too much and now he feels sick. Hopefully your boss can offer him a complimentary meal of you're-a-dumbass with a side of piss-off.

Nah the boss should offer him another burger as an apology ahaha

Once there was a lady who demanded that we give her another milkshake because it tasted like cherry and she ordered a strawberry one...we don't even sell cherry milkshakes, but my manager gave her a new one and upgraded it to a large. Some people are just entitled idiots.

60, people can be incredibly rude in the food service industry. Whenever a guest at my work place has their order messed up and they kindly ask for it to be fixed, I'm shocked. There's something about getting served food from a place outside of their home that turns people into assholes. I actually had a person not give a tip the other day because their burger apparently didn't have as many pickles as they wanted, and their tomato slice was apparently too small, even though I'd asked them if they needed extra toppings for their food. My friend also had a guy call her a slew of derogatory names because she wouldn't give him another beer once it became clear that he had reached his limit. People are just rude, and we just become used to dealing with it.

At the McDonald's where I work we've had workers get called stupid and told to go back to school and I've had some 50 year old man ball his fists at me because he only got one McChicken meal. Miscommnications happen people!

To put it in perspective, I used to work at a Canadian McDonald's. Even in a country that is stereotyped for being "too polite", people are rude dicks if you screw up their order. Thankfully I was never assualted or anything crazy, but I got called an 'idiot' a lot for making very minor mistakes (sometimes it wasn't even my mistake, but someone in the back end hadn't read the order correctly).

#76, you're lucky. I've had tons of guests roughly grab me by the arm and cuss me out for things as simple as forgetting an extra ketchup for their fries. I've also had a table (they weren't my table, but I was helping out a coworker who was swamped) call me names because not only did I not know which drinks the 12 of them had ordered (each one of them had ordered something different), but also because I was unable to simultaneously hand out all 12 drinks at the same time. They absolutely refused to say who had ordered what drink and continued to call me names until I finally dumped the drinks on the end of the table for them to sort out and just walked away. After working in the food service industry, I've realized that a majority of people are incredibly stupid. I've never spit in anyone's food, and I doubt I ever will, but there are times when I seriously consider it.

Customers are douchebags. Period. There are very few customers who actually brighten my day. The other day we had a guest who was trying to use a coupon that wasn't going to start until next week. Apparently it required too much brain power to read the damn coupon. She called us rude because we wouldn't let her use the coupon. People are just idiots.

You are truly amazing! Customers like you are what get me through the day! Just because I work at McDonalds I get treated like absolute shit from people, it's quite sad to know what people are really like. I get abused all the time from people and half the time it's not even our fault! Some people just have no idea what they want so they blame us to get something else. I have things ripped from my hands, I've been spat at, I've had people try and throw their food/drink at me, I've been threatened by so many people and I get abused verbally daily. But when I get treated like trash from one customer I'm extremely nice to every other customer, I usually try not to let people get to me and it usually works. I just vent at the end of the day and then I'm fine again.

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Some people will find any reason to whinge. He should be grateful he got more than he paid for!!

Do people not have anything better to do than complain to McDonald's. He gets an extra burger and still finds a reason to complain, pathetic.

Some people just need to be complaining about something for some messed up reason. I work at Papa Johns and I answered a phone call from a customer. They yelled at me for 5 minutes because we gave them one more garlic cup than he ordered. He knew that we never charged him for it. And even if we had it would have only raised the bill on his $65 order by $0.50. People worry me sometimes.

some people should just off themselves and do everyone a favor

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Well, if he continues to eat that many McDonald's burgers at a time, nature will do the work for him :)

I went out without my scarf and I got a cold. I'm going to sue GAP.

That's not the same. You would have to go out with many GAP scarves to complain to them.

I'm guessing he wants compensation? Why is the human race getting dumber by the minute?