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Today, I found out my parents' New Year's resolution is to get me to move out. FML
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Whether or not this is an FML kind of depends on your age.

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adversity will make you stronger, if it doesn't kill you first.

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And this is a bad thing because.....?

Whether or not this is an FML kind of depends on your age.

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If OP is like 12, then they have a problem...but if they're 39, then I think it's time.

yeah if their parents are 39... yup, your sentence makes sense, u spel rel god!!

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wow i no how it is i no how you feel they want me 2 do the same thing

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maybe part of the reason is you can't spell KNOW.

Then do it!!! Seriously, it's ridiculous how many adults are still living off of their parents. I can't understand it. And your parents have been trying to get you to move out multiple times and you still haven't?! Instead you're bitching about it on the internet...Time to grow up guys!!

Dad: 3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR! OP: Happy new year! I love y... Mom: GET THE **** OUT!

Seriously get out then you have obviously overstayed your welcome...

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My dad kicked my brother out at 18, because he was making everybody's lives miserable: stealing money, jewelrey from my parents and myself, pawning their stuff to buy drugs...etc He dropped out of college. depends why they are making you leave. If you are a good kid and still need their help while you go to school, yeah that sucks.

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**** the OP, does ur brother get good drugs? hahaha jk

future convict or welfare recipient.. how admirable

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It's good for old people to have goals in life. Many of them are just waiting for the sweet release of death. It's too bad for you that they want to be free from the parasite that has been sucking them dry.

This actually plays to your advantage, OP. If you have a job, and your 'rents are desperate enuff to pay for the deposit for an apartment - you can afford that, and you can always visit them and ransack the pantry and use the W/D. Plus, you can do whatever the hell you want in your own damn place!

You are absolutely pathetic. OP is obviously old enough to move out, but instead is refusing, and you're advising them to take MORE advantage and make them pay for an apartment, and then continue to eat THEIR food, use THEIR laundry room...grow the **** up and start to take some responsibility!!!!!!

Chill ya **** mary poppins. You dont know the actual situation of what op is going through.

Too bad his parents want him to be. Sorry op, I don't know what I would do without the love and support of my parents.