By fartwoman - 23/06/2010 01:41 - United States

Today, in math class, I had the urge to fart. I had the bright idea that if I dropped my textbook and farted at the same time, nobody would hear it. I dropped my textbook, everyone looked at me, then I farted. Loudly. FML
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daughterofabitch 4

everyone one farts therefore you are also gross and stupid


morganavery33 5


Well that was awkward

Fab0luZ 0

why the hell are you still in school.?!

thatguy888 0

I love this one

Raleigh_bruh 7

#7 - They have summer classes I'm guessing?

oh well that's embarassing. now change your name, get plastic surgery, and move to Cuba. because nobody farts! :o dumbass.

Kimberly_Isabel 7

You could just slowly try and release bit by bit? Or excuse yourself and go to the toliet, giving you some free time as well?

Devanthegreat 0

#1 is hotter than my WoW girlfriend

op you attention whore lol

*hears OP fart* *quickly shuffles into corner and hides*

You're doing it wrong! You're supposed to cough and fart. Family Guy reference FTW! Actually though, I tried it, and it actually works! So does letting it out really slowly. Sit on your foot and you can let it out sooooooo slow. (I've had an intestinal problem before where any kind of juice would give me massive gas. It totally sucked but I learned how to fart without any sound whatsoever! Awesome!!!)

lol now everyone will think of you as the guy who farted loudly in class

LeoFML 1

26 - What server you play on?

WallyTheWombat 0

if op shits his pants, they will forget about the fart. or if he vomits on someone, he will drag someone down with him.

yeah op is in summer school... can't you tell by how dumb he is?

I bet you got this from college humor

#40- the username is fartwoman. Unless she looks so manly they mistook her for a guy. I guess that's what you get for failing and having summer school..

Raleigh_bruh 7

Sorry Ky-ky, but not every one takes summer classes because they fail. :P Some people take them to actually get ahead, like me. :]

Do you cover your farts with textbooks too?

Raleigh_bruh 7

IV :] And no Ky-ky, I do not. I just never fart. Ever :o

TurboTalon 0

I'm with Raleigh on this one.. taking summer classes is a good idea when you're in college, otherwise it's wasted time really. Anyways I don't think I've ever farted loudly unintentionally.. people need to learn some control!


lol nice. or ask to go to the restroom

69, you remind me of Nancy from King of the Hill

symph13 0

it beautiful

What a genius. But look at the good side, at least, you are a planner. Good for you. 

bit by bit. LOL

sharmen 0

Um some schools are still in session. Today is the last day of school in some places in California. It's probably like that in other places too.

#7 i just giot out yesterday? sooo

7- Some schools are still going on. I got out 2 weeks ago

Kiill3rQu33n16 0

this fml was a major fail. funny though. I laughed. :)

Laxer21 0

that is pretty fucking hilarious. hahahahaha

TaylorTotsYumm 10

52, summer school isn't just or dumb people. :P I'm taking highschool classes over the summer so I can get ahead and take more honours classes next year.

matt1337c 0

Princeton Highschool still has class today, so op probably isn't in summer school.

Fake; girls don't fart.

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wow.... this was in a YouTube video. I think it was one of collegehumor's POV vids, the one about the guy falling asleep in class.

kram02 2

i actually laughed so hard... thats a major gail op... rofl

Thabb 0

I lol'ed

00yoda4 0

YES everyone is looking at me now let it all out

RedPillSucks 31

@38 GavinRoskamp, You learned to Ninja fart? Who was your master, or did you get an iFart app? (sorry, couldn't resist LOL)

NickyHalHal 0

#58 I read your profile and felt as tgough i had to tell you the "99 Problems" is my favorite song of all times.

RedPillSucks 31

@66 organisedchaos, Is there calculus involved in farting? I knew there was a reason why I should have studied math harder. *Taking into account, the wind speed, the distance for the book to fall, the speed of sound, and the gradient differential and quantum ....FRAAAAPP!!! Damn it!!!!*

gaga_ooh_lala 0

i would've actually loved to see this happen lol its too funny >.

atadokayisacutie 0

haha what a loser :P

badly timed.

this is why you're supposed to fart no matter what and blame it on the kid next to you. screw people who don't know what's goin on loud and proud!!!

silent but deadly.. lol

#93 yup, I live in California and school just got out for me today

@52: Not true, some people take it to get ahead. I only took summer school one year in high school, and got to leave campus at 11:00 am every day my senior year. Totally worth it.

hahahahahahah this was way to funny, can't stop laughing

7 I finished school yesterday...

whoopsie you had a poopsie. :| Bask in the ambiance... Basking in the ambiance. *haha this made me laugh soo hard!

sexkitten129 3

hahaha I love fart jokes

LMAO this is hilarious! i'm just glad i can make my farts silent. lol

soccerdilan 0

the op is a girl just read her name

:0 Kelly?! OP r u Kelly???!!! LOLthat one was stanky :)

So27_fml 0

i`we read this 10 minutes ago. i am still laughing.

Kaptain4274 0

maybe they haven't graduated yet

Get bmth loud unplug headphones speaker blasting then just let it happen ._.

Should've played bmth ^-^ make it worth it

#214 Probably from your wide butthole

SourSourDiesel 0

lol next time, cough fyl

this is faked it's summer

very very funny! lmao

for me, coughing makes them louder:P I prefer to shift in my chair and slowly release. it works for me:)

yea... coughing makes it louder.. :b

hahaha op made my day.

cazares101 0

timeing is everything these days

So is spelling...

super3286 14

you still have school

mama2b3 20

gross you're gross. and stupid. s-t-u-pid!

FYMcNuggetts 0

u look like some chick from a porno

superbadd 0

20 u would know

WallyTheWombat 0

best compliment(?) ever.

mama2b3 20

is that an insult or a compliment?

Raleigh_bruh 7

Would you actually take being told you look like a porn star as a compliment..?

Raleigh_bruh 7

And I think the other comments above mine got modded, so this looks weird now 0.o

daughterofabitch 4

everyone one farts therefore you are also gross and stupid

Mcstud1y 30

It happens

well done dingus heres an idea... ask to use the bathroom...

For your health.


reggie77 0

this was funny! #24 was even funnier "releasing it bit by bit"

good lord, I feel sorry for whoever was sitting behind you. FTL lol

leaveitbe 0

epic! ha ha.

your in summer school, fyl

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