Dozing off

By Math_Rocker - 02/09/2009 22:17 - United States

Today, I fell asleep in class. Usually, people just sit still when asleep. Nope, not me. Not only had I been violently rocking and nodding my head, the teacher stopped class for everyone to see for 5 minutes as she made jokes. What woke me? The intense laughter, followed by embarrassment. FML
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the_coon_fml 0

wet dream?

Should have told them you had a seizure and made them feel bad.


Zombrex 0


Imawhalerider 0

he was praying.

the_coon_fml 0

wet dream?

still lmfao... maybe funniest one so far

Carlyyy 0

At least you didn't drool on your desk?

YDI for sleeping

LMAO. I agree. :P

yup you should never sleep in school..... most of the time. :DD

Lol there is no way you can keep from sleeping. High school classes are so boring, same with college. The teachers just love to drone on when they talk. ______________________________

Strike1 0

That's unfortunate for you... my college classes are rather entertaining :)

the_stereotype 0

some days you're just tired...even if it's not boring

Oh yeah? What classes are you taking? My major is astrophysics, and some of the lectures are so boring I just want to set myself on fire.

haha, if ya want lyrics, take a look at my other comments. i think i have 3 on the wrestling (old guy licks his lips) and my fave one is on the anal :)

lol123mely 0

thats why i dont like sleeping in class because i have a feeling somthing wrong is going to happen x]

if you dont like them, why take those courses or be that major. That makes no sense. I am deeply interested in every college course i take

Forremmy 0

your teacher is funny

sounds like a good teacher

haha sucks to be u ... that bitch ass teacher smack that foo

the_coon_fml 0

only thing that could have been worse, saying your teachers name over and over again while nodding your head.

Should have told them you had a seizure and made them feel bad.

Your teacher is awesome