By cc - 24/11/2009 05:03 - United States

Today, I was talking to my boyfriend about how I'm self conscious about my weight. He looks at me and says, "Don't worry babe, I've always been kind of a chubby chaser." FML
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Oh god, your boyfriend finds you attractive? That's terrible.

YDI for fishing for complements and wanting your boyfriend to say "you are really thin" , but you know you are FAT.


That's a good thing for you. So it's not an FYL.

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wow thats what you get for asking around and not doing anything about it. go to the gym, stop eating fries, do something other than look for compliments. and btw, your bf is lying, no one likes fat chicks.

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Insulting fat girls is just as bad as insulting skinny girls. A real woman should not be determinated by her physique.

OP YDI for saying it first. What else what he supposed to say without lying?

YDI for fishing for complements and wanting your boyfriend to say "you are really thin" , but you know you are FAT.

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i agree YDI for fishing for complements

I agree; if anything, the guy is a smooth talker.

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I agree as well. Shit like that is a trap. No matter what you say it's the wrong answer...and saying nothing is even worse. We're just screwed all around.

40- Actually, your wording is making me think…maybe the reason most women don't like sex as much as men is because they've already screwed them all day with their behavior. OP, I agree with this comment thread. If you're on the chubby side/fat, then don't tell people about it and expect tell you you're skinny or badmouth thinner girls or whatever. What your boyfriend said was probably the best thing- he didn't lie and he accepts you the way you are (even though maaaaybe his wording could be a bit better. Still, not gonna call him out for that since a lot of guys aren't great with words.) Although you might have issues with it, the reality is that as long as you're healthy, your size (not weight- SIZE) will do what it wants. You just need to embrace it. If your weight is really messing with your self-esteem, then you could try losing some, although I understand that it's easier said than done. But it CAN be done, so… good luck if you try it. I would say YDI for fishing for compliments, but you kind of sound like you really need some help for your self-esteem issues if you want to be called skinny even when you're not.

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she was telling her boyfriend about what makes her self conscious!! that's not fishing for compliments, it's opening up to him!

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Your fat, your bf finds that sexy, and this a problem for you? YDI for dating a guy who finds you attractive when you don't find you attractive.

That's a classic example of a boy trying to make you feel better and, obviously, failing at it.

That'd make me feel better if I were a girl. Knowing I could get fat and he'd still want me.

Oh god, your boyfriend finds you attractive? That's terrible.

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At least he doesn't care you are chubby right? Don't go fishing for compliments.... so YDI.

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Don't fish for compliments. It's annoying.

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So you want him to lie to you and still like you? If you are unhappy with your weight then do something about it fatso. He isn't the problem, you are.

Be thankful he likes you the way you are. This is an FML how?

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Why are you so self conscious about your weight when your boyfriend likes the way you are? This is not a FYL or a YDI.