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wow thats what you get for asking around and not doing anything about it. go to the gym, stop eating fries, do something other than look for compliments. and btw, your bf is lying, no one likes fat chicks.


40- Actually, your wording is making me think…maybe the reason most women don't like sex as much as men is because they've already screwed them all day with their behavior. OP, I agree with this comment thread. If you're on the chubby side/fat, then don't tell people about it and expect tell you you're skinny or badmouth thinner girls or whatever. What your boyfriend said was probably the best thing- he didn't lie and he accepts you the way you are (even though maaaaybe his wording could be a

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By  faxe

So you want him to lie to you and still like you? If you are unhappy with your weight then do something about it fatso. He isn't the problem, you are.

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