By Anonymous - 7/6/2013 22:00 - United States
Today, I got to drive my mom's car. I'd recently watched the new Fast and Furious movie, I thought it'd be fun to drift around a few corners. I ended up smashing straight into someone's front yard. FML
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  Callyn  |  47

That doesn't mean that OP knows what the hell he's doing, though. Drifting is hard, requires a specific type of car and lots of experience driving that car. I doubt that OP's mom has car modded for street racing. OP, you're a moron.

  nightbirdblue  |  27

I don't know #40. There's some people out there that have been driving for awhile and they're still optimistic about their driving abilities, particularly when it comes to turns for some reason.

  sniken  |  14

Going a little wide with a rwd's tail is easy, and something anyone could do. Although noone would agree it's a drift. And trying it out safely is essential... Wrecking your own car on a empty parking lot is bad, hurting someone else while acting cool is idiocy at its worst. Boy racer syndrome.

  tygerarmy  |  35

63 why would she drift your car instead of her own? Other than she doesn't care about your car, didn't want to wreck her own car and was only thinking about herself. I'm glad that worked out for you. The OP and your cousin should go driving together.


I agree. He sounds like the asshats that street race in my area and do donuts in the middle of heavy traffic. I also almost got hit by one of them. I was on the sidewalk, where cars shouldn't be. Op should be lucky that he didn't hit somebody and I hope his mother does some serious grounding.


@65: 1. Saying "mentally retarded" is kinda offensive? Even though some people are okay with that, there are a lot that aren't, and, since you are speaking on a public website, you can't really know that everyone is okay with it. 2. If OP is mentally disabled, there is a good chance they probably shouldn't be driving.


I want to add on to my last comment, I don't mean that no mentally disabled people can drive, some that are more functional can, but, if them copying a movie stunt was a result of their disability rather than just a bad sense of logic, then it's probably at the point where they aren't functional enough.

  DKjazz  |  20

I saw someone breath in a movie once. I bet I've been making a fool of myself this whole time, trying to breath like the trained stuntmen do. Golly!