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Today, I got to drive my mom's car. I'd recently watched the new Fast and Furious movie, I thought it'd be fun to drift around a few corners. I ended up smashing straight into someone's front yard. FML
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There is no possible scenario in which you don't deserve this.


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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya movies arent that realistic, especially action related ones.

therealafroninga 10

Well, some stunts are done by trucks with car bodies attached, but drifting motor sports are very real, and actually performed in those movies.

That doesn't mean that OP knows what the hell he's doing, though. Drifting is hard, requires a specific type of car and lots of experience driving that car. I doubt that OP's mom has car modded for street racing. OP, you're a moron.

The_Piquerist 7
therealafroninga 10

You just need some solid RWD, a firm grip from the tires, and enough horses to break traction, assuming you can either disable traction control, or just generally don't have it.

I'd like to know if OP just got his license. Some new drivers are oddly optimistic about their driving abilities.

DKjazz 20

34- And the skills, experience. and knowhow of drifting.

I don't know #40. There's some people out there that have been driving for awhile and they're still optimistic about their driving abilities, particularly when it comes to turns for some reason.

Going a little wide with a rwd's tail is easy, and something anyone could do. Although noone would agree it's a drift. And trying it out safely is essential... Wrecking your own car on a empty parking lot is bad, hurting someone else while acting cool is idiocy at its worst. Boy racer syndrome.

SynysterNero 20

63 why would she drift your car instead of her own? Other than she doesn't care about your car, didn't want to wreck her own car and was only thinking about herself. I'm glad that worked out for you. The OP and your cousin should go driving together.

SwaggCapone 11

If OP was that interested in drifting why not go to a empty parking lot....

That's awesome you got a new beamer! Good thing your cousin is a moron.

dr_snow_bear 29

Not by untrained idiots. That's where the difference lays.

Red off of that 70's show -"Dumbass!"

There is no possible scenario in which you don't deserve this.

Misswildsides 22

They say "don't try this at home" and "preformed by professional stunt actors" for a reason.

If Vin Diesel LITERALLY walked up to the OP and said "Do it! I believe in you!" then I might give him a pass. But short of that, yeah, YDI

slickchrome 11

well I clicked fml instead ydi because I thought Op is mentally retarded

Corrupt_waffles 13

I agree. He sounds like the asshats that street race in my area and do donuts in the middle of heavy traffic. I also almost got hit by one of them. I was on the sidewalk, where cars shouldn't be. Op should be lucky that he didn't hit somebody and I hope his mother does some serious grounding.

The moment I read 'I recently saw...' I knew this would go south

That's not too bad, one of my mates is paying over 450 dollars per month

No #123 it is because your 19. I have never been in an accident an got pulled over once when I was 20 . I am now 28 and pay 110 a month.

@65: 1. Saying "mentally retarded" is kinda offensive? Even though some people are okay with that, there are a lot that aren't, and, since you are speaking on a public website, you can't really know that everyone is okay with it. 2. If OP is mentally disabled, there is a good chance they probably shouldn't be driving.

I want to add on to my last comment, I don't mean that no mentally disabled people can drive, some that are more functional can, but, if them copying a movie stunt was a result of their disability rather than just a bad sense of logic, then it's probably at the point where they aren't functional enough.

Welcome to the internet 162....prepare to get really pissed off.

123's point would appear to be that, if not for schmucks like OP, maybe 19 year olds wouldn't have to pay that much.

Did you also plan to tail an airplane on a 200 mile runway?

Nightwing98 22

That's all I kept thinking about during that whole scene! They're going so fast, the plane needed an hour of constant driving and the runway was endless!

I heard they already made a part 7. How are they able to top that?

61- there's supposed to be 8 so wel see


It's cause you were granny shifting and not double clutching like you should have. You don't hop in the ring with Ali just because you think you can box.

You're comment hurt my brain. Am I the only one that doesn't understand it? :(

Michele2luv 8

Op, apparently you don't drift bro smh

kim_larsa 5

Never do what you see in the movies. YDI.

DKjazz 20

I saw someone breath in a movie once. I bet I've been making a fool of myself this whole time, trying to breath like the trained stuntmen do. Golly!

TheRandomIndian 17

Breathing is too mainstream.

YDI... Your life sucks because you're dumb but YDI

inkdeath87 18

Asshole. You realize the car effects in movies are done by pros, right? Otherwise you're just an idiot!

How could this not be your fault? Stop driving like a douche .

DyslexicPanda 12

Silly, a douche can't drive! Oh wait...

therealafroninga 10

Haha, learn how to drift in an empty parking lot. Not a packed subdivision. There's being stupid, and having fun, you decided to be stupid.

AwkwardHaole808 16

I would say, "Hey at least you're okay," but in this case you were asking for it.