By rene - 22/08/2011 16:46 - United States

Today, it was my birthday, and my kids gave me my car keys I had "lost" a week ago. FML
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LiveLaughFML 10

kids..they do the cutest things. ;) anyone else have trouble clicking this FML from their mobile device?

everybodyluvsMEN 0

She didn't... They took them

1221jamw 11

10- don't reply to #1 if it's not replying to number 1 you moron.

LiveLaughFML 10

#24 you moron, you're not replying to 1 either. why don't you worry about yourself, bro?

kenjames 4

You should thank them. If it weren't for them, you wouldn't be getting your "lost" keys back.

25,26- you're not repling to 1 either, so what good are you?

Stealing is just borrowing without asking!

Neither are you 42 :D yes I'm crazy lol

29- they are having a discussion concerning a previous post in reply to 1 which actually wasn't a reply, but just an effort to have a comment to the FML at the top of the list.

eminemchick 19

well at least they gave it back? idk but if thats your only birthday present FYL

YourEvilHero 12

give them a grounding or make them cook you dinner if youre old enough

#1 - the point being made was that the kids stole the keys, so they could give her them for her birthday

fakeaccountX 6

They could've given you worse things.

eminemchick 19

Did anyone else read 91's comment in napoleon dynamite's voice?

tuckerharbaugh 0

you sir, are the voice of god.

lipfullacope 0

Ami the only one who also read this rage comic on reddit?

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TheMadScientist 13
Sweej 1

Wow, that's actually a very cool present... I mean, nowadays there are a lot of the same type of gifts, and by giving you keys, they're being very original!!

kelsey_katie 17

I want to meet your children op! They sound awesome! Hahaha

eminemchick 19

off topic but where did the mom's cellphone fml go?:/

YourEvilHero 12

if they're old enough* hopefully nobody noticed ~_~

MichellinMan 20

And they kept your present a secret for a whole week!! Grats on that alone

yummayy_ 11

Hey!! Today is my birthday too!

n_epic_fail 14

that could have decided on no gift :) haha u got the keys back...

everybodyluvsMEN 0

Watch out, your kids are Kleptomaniacs!!

If they were kleptos, they wouldn't have given the keys back.

MichellinMan 20

Why so many thumbs down? This guy was obviously joking.

everybodyluvsMEN 0

they might need to, "lose," something as well.

no like their favorite toy or something. and no i didnt mean limbs people. geez.

tylersign 11

The first thing that came to my mind was viginity too xD *commence thumbs down storm*

oops_im_fucked 8

You want to be thumbed down?

schaflava 0

I'll do one better. I'll volunteer to thumb **** you.

Bball234- your pic cracks me up every time

Some kids ya got there:/ I wouldn't say this is an FML though...could've been a lot worse!

Sounds like something I would've done as a child ^^

takeapieandrun 9

Hopefully you didn't order a new one since they cost a lot.

I think you are a pessimist. They probably found it and had no money to buy you a gift so they surprised you by giving you what you lost. Nothing wrong with that.