By stinkerweeder - United States
Today, it was both my and my stepmother's birthday. In preparation, my dad bought a huge banner with my stepmother's name on it, and a lovely birthday cake. When I told him it was also my birthday, he just grunted and taped a post-it note to the banner with my name on it. Same with the cake. FML
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  Bobissmall  |  13

You've got to be joking. This is probably one of the most sincere FMLs on here.

First you probably have all the upset of the divorce (death?) then the new step-mother, perhaps the step-mother moving in if you still live at home, and THEN this.

Not to mention this FML shows OP probably has a terrible farther AND step-mother.

So yeah, boo hoo.

  DanniNell  |  13

my dad used to always pic his gf over me all the time. she is(notice I didn't put was) a gold digging lazy ass bitch. she then left my dad for this guy, got married(and divorced) to him, and it turned out that the baby wasn't my dad's. can u say karma much??