By ealovan - 24/08/2015 04:18 - United States - Des Moines

Today, a homeless man asked me for some change. Not having any cash, I gave him a gift card for the restaurant I work at. When I got home I realized I gave him my credit card. FML
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op here. it's always cool when your FML gets posted because in a weird way it makes the situation a little bit better lol. just some clarification, i started this job a little over a month ago and when i went to the orientation, they gave us $15 dollar gift cards. it was after a 9 hour shift when this sweet old man asked for some change. i remembered i had this gift card in my wallet for a month now and figured he would benefit from it more than i would. i was tired and it was dark outside, but i should have payed more attention. once i realized this mistake i quickly went back to my work, and luckily he was still there. he was very sweet and figured i handed him the wrong card, i gave him the right card and now everyones happy. i'm just glad it was him because god knows what any other person would have done with it.

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We all are a little air-headed at times, but that's a bit much.

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That's awesome that you were able to get that worked out and that he was honest enough to realize the mistake and not take advantage of it. l Definitely restores some faith in humanity for me. :)


We all are a little air-headed at times, but that's a bit much.

Well that's what you get for being an idiot. Sorry op, at least you tried to do something good?

It's not the end of the world, you can cancel it easy enough

I'll have to give you credit, that was pretty nice of you. Hopefully he'll pay it forward.

Oh shit that's not good OP. Best to cancel that card right quick. Hope you don't lose any money.

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Now homeless man gets a home....:)

he must think that you're the nicest person in the world