By clinictime - 11/04/2012 23:05 - Canada - Okotoks

Today, my ex, who I'm still in love with, emailed me. I thought she changed her mind about us, so I poured my heart out to her. She just wanted to let me know she has chlamydia, and advise me to go to the clinic. FML
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The real question is: do you still love her now??

omarzrgz 3

Doesn't matter had sex... Wait, it does matter! O:


blackheart24 10

Its definitely gonna be harder to move on if OP has the clap. Every itch, ache and pain shall remind him of the bitch that gave it to him.

22- With bubbles, we know how thats going to turn out.

JocelynKaulitz 28

7 - Is it possible that maybe he could have given it hot her?

36 no because if he knew he had it it would be the other way around he would be telling her and she would be making the FML

Sparks808 10

So you didn't even read her email before you poured your heart out to her?

RedPillSucks 31

@86 Exactly what I was thinking. Who replies to an email without reading it first?

Naw 65, you have no idea how disease works do you? You don't just get infected and immediately know it. He could have had it for years and not even known if he was stupid enough not to ever get tested. Good on her for telling him, plenty of people don't and its one of the main reasons those diseases are such a big issue.

111- If the guy had it for a while assuming he gave it to her which means he had another partner along the lines somewhere the symptoms of the STD would progressively get worse and it would make its self noticeable and I do believe it causes pain so he would've known but there is the cheating factor in the story so we'll never know how it happened

120, Yes that would be a good point if he'd had gangrene, unfortunately for you this was chlamydia. This is a condition that often goes undetected. Especially in men. You believe wrong, and there is no cheating factor. Nowhere does it mention cheating. Try again.

122-I didn't say there was cheating I said there may have been that factor and we don't know about it there's a reason there an "ex" and you don't need to be a dock about it

Yes there is a reason, its called incompatibility. I also will cease to be a "dick" about it when you don't try to correct me with facts that you've pulled out your ass when the information is readily available online for anyone to see if they typed in the words "chlamydia symptoms". I also have no tolerance for perpetuating bullshit about STD's in particular because such crap is already a big issue.

The real question is: do you still love her now??

2-People in love do/think illogical things. OP will probably still love her even if her crabs have crabs that have syphillis.

Yeah and OP is just as responsible! Should have worn a condom!

BehindU 5

I would give OP's girlfriend a round of applause for her honesty, but she already has enough clap in her life.

raney150 0

You do realize a condom isn't 100% effective against stds right? He could have worn a condom, but still possibly get an std.

omarzrgz 3

Doesn't matter had sex... Wait, it does matter! O:

Theend2008 0

Still don't matter had sex. Lol best 30 seconds of his life.

She put a bag on my head. STILL COUNTS

I just had sex...SEX! And my dreams came true!!! And...shit. This is more like a nightmare now...

I just had sex and it felt so GOOD!

rcgirl2 11

Its definitely time to move on. Sorry Op. :(

Urbanchiller 0

I don't feel like touching my iPod anymore in fear of somehow get the disease though it.

45 - Clearly you must have skipped every single sex ed class in school.

RedPillSucks 31

No, he went to a school that teaches abstinence.

Even schools that focus on abstinence still give full lessons regarding sexual safety and STDs.

Maybe you should go to the clinic to get checked for a broken heart too! That sucks :( FYL indeed.

At least you will have something to remember her by.

Yes!! Am I to spend the entire day wallowing around in my own feces? A little service here! Lol, it's a Family reunion

Llamacod 11

Op only has something to remember her by until he gets his gram of zithromax

At least she was kind enough to let you know

Well, at least she had the courtesy to tell you. Sorry, OP. That sucks. :(

I agree. At least you can say she was decent enough to let you know.

jerseyboy732 16

well atleast for the time being you will have a piece of her

She is bad luck. First she breaks ur heart then she gives u some next shit. Go to the clinic OP you'll get over her sooner or later.